Wedding Photography

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Based in Sacramento, Mischa offers unconventional but memorable imagery for your wedding. If the versatile mindset and the ability to experiment, Mischa creates stunning imagery

New England region as well as destination wedding locations.

Precious Moments Wedding Films

Based in Hudson, New Hampshire, Precious Moments Wedding Films offers cinematic-style videography for your wedding. With a versatile skill set and more than 30 years

Sebastien Bicard

Based in California, Sebastien Bicard allows newlywed couples to be comfortable with what type of pictures that they are seeking most. Though based in California,


M Harris Studios

M Harris Studios is led by Michelle Harris who had once began her career as a wedding photographer in Washington, DC but graduated into destination


Kate Harrison Photography

Kate Harrison Photography is based in California with the operations headed by Kate Harrison herself. Among the services that Kate Harrison Photography offers is that

BASED IN California and Tennessee

Katrina Nicole Photography

Katrina Nicole Photography is based in California and Tennessee. With a documentary-approach that is matched by creativity, Katrina Nicole has developed a versatile style skill

Northern California

Liz Zimbelmann Photography

Liz Zimbelmann Photography is based in Northern California. “This is where I need to be”, a thought that rang through Liz’s mind when she photographed

South California

Gina Peterson Photography

Gina Peterson Photography is based in South California with the wedding photography service based in South California. Many of her clients refer to her pictures

Willing to travel

Grace Aston Photography

Grace Aston Photography is a wedding photography practice based in Northern California since 2013, being a self-taught herself. Grace Aston Photography offers an online gallery

Lake Tahoe

Joleen Willis Photography

Joleen Willis Photography is a wedding photography in Sonora, California. Joleen Wills Photography hosts a process to get you started with getting the pictures from

and is available worldwide

Courtney Lee

Courtney Lee is a wedding photography service that serves newlywed couples in St. Louis, Chicago, and is available worldwide. Incorporating both film and digital media,


Elizabeth Warrick

Based in Napa, Elizabeth Warrick is a wedding photographer who documents and photographs those once-in-a-lifetime moments of your wedding. With the experience of photographing many


Chantel Giongco

Chantel Giongco is a wedding photographer based in California. Always drawn to the matters of the heart (Chantel is a cardiology nurse), Chantel works closely

Michigan & beyond

Christina Harrison

Christina Harrison is a wedding photographer who is based in Detroit, Michigan but is open to weddings outside of Michigan. If you are interested in

Based in Northern California. Available for worldwide travel.

Diane Angel Photography

Diane Angel Photography is based in California with her photography services also catering to weddings. However, if your wedding is based outside of California, Diane


Ashley Noelle Edwards

Based in Sacramento, Ashley Noelle Edwards runs her wedding photography practice for newlywed couples and their weddings. Over the course of her career, she has


Brianna Parks Photography

Brianna Parks Photography offers elopement photography services to Californians. With a detail-oriented approach and a personalized approach, Brianna focuses specifically on answering your questions and



Adelaide has over 85 years of experience in floral arrangements for weddings and events. Today, Adelaide offers custom-designed floral arrangements for your wedding so your

San Francisco Bay Area

Annie Hall Photography

Annie Hall Photography is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a full-time wedding photographer, Annie Hall has over 11 years of experience in


Apag Studios

Apag Studios led by a capable team of photographers and videographers who capture every important moment in your wedding. Apag Studios is led by Apagnawen