Why I Love My BrideBox Wedding Album by Nia McLean

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There is one post-wedding realization that I think most brides can agree on: the wedding itself goes by soooooooooooooo fast. It’s crazy to believe that what has taken months to plan seems to be over in milliseconds.  That’s why it is so important to have get pictures taken and have a way to preserve those images, so that you can cherish the memories they capture for years to come. I insist that budgeting for a nice wedding album is the way to go and wholeheartedly recommend that you get yours from BrideBox.

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As a BrideBox Blogging Bride, I was gifted with a 10X10 20-page Marina Album. I was so excited when my album arrived in the mail, shortly after I ordered it. It is absolutely gorgeous! I am a book person and it looks like a beautiful coffee table book. I could not stop staring at it. The quality is amazing.

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Initially when I ordered the album, I wondered how I would preserve it. I had planned on buying a special box for it from a craft store. However, it comes in its own box and has a protective satin sleeve for safe storage.

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BrideBox’s online album designer made it easy to create my album.  After creating an online account, there are just three steps (I only had to complete two, as my album was already selected for me) to follow: choosing your album, uploading your photos, and then dragging and dropping them into your selected template as you desire.

Before I started to create my album, I considered a theme for it. I wanted the album reflect the moments before the wedding when were getting ready as well as the actual ceremony. I gathered all of favorite photos to coincide with that theme and put them into a folder on my computer’s desktop. Then when it was time for me to upload my photos onto the BrideBox website, I was able to do it in a snap.

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The process is pretty straightforward and I am more than pleased with the results. I also love that if I decide that I want to order copies of the album to give as gifts, that an electronic version of my album has been saved for my convenience.

My Marina album is one of the best wedding presents I received. In my final blog as a Blogging Bride, I thank BrideBox for selecting me to share my experiences, as it allowed me the opportunity to really reflect on what it was like to prepare for my wedding. Sean and I also thank BrideBox for our stunning album. We love it and we are so grateful.

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