How To Take Care Of Your New Wedding Album

Flush mount wedding album

You’ve just received your gorgeous new wedding photo album – a beautiful collection of memories from the most special day of your life presented in a stunning, premium keepsake. This album is one of the most precious tangible items that remains from your wedding day when all is said and done, and it’s important to take care of it so that your memories won’t fade away. Take these precautions when handling and storing your wedding album to ensure that these cherished mementos will stand the test of time and last for years to come.

Temperature and humidity

Do not expose your book to extreme changes in temperature or humidity. This will cause damage to the leather cover and binding, the pages and most importantly, the images. Hot temperatures can cause the paper on which the photos are printed to dry out and become brown and brittle. High humidity can cause mold to grow on your album and between pages. Extreme changes in temperature or humidity can cause the pages to expand and contract, warping the images. The ideal storage conditions to keep your wedding album are temperatures between 55° and 95° F and humidity between 5% to 60%.

Flush mount wedding album


Direct sunlight

Avoid storing your album in direct sunlight. Sunlight provides both heat and harmful UV rays. As mentioned above, heat will damage the pages and the light will cause your images to fade. In addition to damaging the pages of the book, direct sunlight will also damage the cover and binding regardless of what material it is made out of.

Printed photo leather cover

Cleaning and maintenance

With time, your wedding album may accumulate dirt and dust. To keep the images looking as pristine and crisp as they did on day one, you’ll want to clean and maintain your album appropriately. Dust as needed with a soft, dry cloth and when necessary, remove dirt gently with a damp cloth. Do not rub near imprinting to ensure that you don’t damage the engraving or imprinting.

Lay flat pages professional wedding album


Storage and usage

You’ll want to enjoy your beautiful wedding album time and time again for years to come and share the memories with your friends, family members and loved ones. When turning the pages, take care not to use fingernails as this may damage the edges. Instead, use your fingertips to turn the pages. Ideally, you will store your album flat inside a protective case or cover. Taking these precautions will help you preserve your memories in this lovely keepsake that will be passed down generation after generation.

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