Valuable Wedding Tips for the Introverted Bride

wedding tips - onelove photography
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When it comes to weddings, the bride is the center of attention – the star, the focus, the diva. While many women love this feeling, for an introvert, just the thought of having so many people staring is enough to induce an anxiety attack. Shy brides often find the wedding process overwhelming whether it means dealing with vendors, wedding photo editing, or the struggle of getting the dress. If you don’t think you’re going to survive all the “people-ness” of a wedding, here are a few wedding tips to help make it easier.

wedding tips - angga permana photo

Photo Credit: Angga Permana

1. Browse Online First

Wedding planning sites and even just google have plenty of images to choose from. Pinterest is also a great resource to see floral designs, cake arrangements, wedding photo editing and is the ideal way to narrow down a wedding that feels like it fits your personality. This doesn’t mean you have to buy them or be definite that you want the cake to look like a Wedgewood plate or your wedding photo editing to have boho feel but it will narrow things down.

Once you’ve got a rough idea of the things, you want you can start narrowing it down. This is especially important for dress shopping as this is often the most overwhelming. Narrow down the style, shape and “feel” of your wedding dress. As long as you feel beautiful in it, that’s what matters, and your pictures will show just that.

wedding tips - lisa poggi

Photo Credit: Lisa Poggi

2. Make an Event Website/Page

By putting all the important details online where guests can quickly reference them, you’ll avoid many of the phone calls and emails for details like time, address, etc. when people accidentally misplace their invitations. A wedding website is also a great place to share registries and updates, and you can even set up online RSVP so that you’re not inundated with mailing cards.

Using social media is also a great way to get your photos organized. Make a hashtag, include it on the invite and have signs highlighting it at the wedding. You’ll be able to get all of your guest’s images at the same time, and if you’re going for a specific look, you can make notes about filters, frames and get them printed with your professional ones once everything is posted.

wedding tips - onelove photography

Photo Credit: onelove Photography

3. Go Small

There is no rule that weddings have to have 500 people. In fact, a smaller wedding means a lot less stress because there are fewer costs and less organization needed. While relatives may want everyone included, it is YOUR wedding, right down to the wedding photo editing – everything is your choice. So, you can say no. A small wedding is much more intimate and likely to be much more enjoyable if the thought of hundreds of guests gives you anxiety.

You can also consider eloping! It’s still “a thing” and is the ultimate quiet wedding day. Plan everything online first and have an extremely limited guest list, use a friend with a camera phone and give them examples of wedding photo editing, use a registry office or courthouse rather than a venue, and then simply go out for a meal together rather than throwing a party. It will suit a quieter bride more and save your budget too.

wedding tips - perry vaile photography

Photo Credit: Perry Vaile Photography

Either way, you’ll be able to relive your wedding day and share it with friends and family through your wedding album or wedding video. If you keep it to just immediate friends and family, the guests that weren’t invited will be able to relive the experience through your customized DIY wedding album.

Being introverted doesn’t mean being scared of your wedding, it just means adjusting the planning from the traditional wedding to something more suited to you. Your version of the perfect wedding day just has to be perfect for you, that’s what matters.

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