Popular Wedding Veils For 2015

wedding hairstyles with veil

The wedding veil is one of the most iconic accessories in a bride’s wedding day outfit. They were originally meant to protect brides from evil spirits on their wedding days by concealing their faces. It is also a symbol of purity and chastity. Today, not every bride decides to wear a veil, but those that do have the option of choosing from a variety of styles, lengths and fabrics. As with any other part of the wedding day outfit, there are popular trends that come into style year after year. These are the most popular wedding veil styles for 2015.

Short Veils

Traditionally, veils are long and flowing, covering the bride’s face and trailing down her back. As the vintage glam look has become more popular in the wedding world, short mesh veils that cover the bride’s eyes and nose have become one of the most popular accessories for the vintage bride in 2015. These veils are a modern take on the timeless tradition and channel the romantic and glamorous look of the early to mid 1900s. Lace and tulle are popular fabrics for these types of veils, with few details and embellishments to keep the look simple. White and off-white are most common for these veils, though you can add a touch of color with the embellishments and details on the sides or top of the veil. Black is another popular color for the edgy, modern bride. Another way to wear the short veil is with a small hat attached to it, creating a unique accessory that flatters the vintage chic bride.

short black vintage wedding veil 2015

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short wedding veil with hat 2015

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Headpieces and crowns are the ideal way for a bride to make a fashion statement while also keeping to the tradition of a beautiful wedding veil. These types of veils are understated, but can also be embellished with flowers, additional details and different fabrics to match your personality and wedding, whether it’s boho chic or romantic elegance. Tulle is generally the most common fabric used for these types of veils thanks to its lightweight and flowy nature, though lace is popular as well. Headpiece veils are designed to sit at the crown of the head and can either be short, falling just in front of the face, or trailing in the back. They can be a traditional white or off-white color or an accent color to match the wedding’s color scheme. Jewels, rhinestones, brooches and other sparkly decorations create a modern take on a tiara for the 2015 bride. Although the traditional headpiece or crown veil comes in white or off-white, you can easily tailor these accessories to match your wedding’s theme with an accent color. Pastels and neutrals are a great way to add a touch of color without straying too far from tradition, or you can be bold and make a statement with a brighter color.

headpiece crown wedding veil styles 2015

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floral crown wedding veil

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Long Veils

The classic wedding veil is long, trailing down the bride’s back with a blusher that falls in front of her face. In 2015, dramatic long wedding veils will be the trend. Cathedral veils are long and truly make a statement as you walk down the aisle. They are elegant and classic and look beautiful layered on top of your wedding gown, though because of their long length your bridesmaids or maid of honor will most likely need to help lift it as you walk down the aisle. They are typically made of tulle though satin and silk are trendy materials this year. Another trendy type of long wedding veil is the mantilla veil. These veils are embellished with lace trim and sit atop the bride’s head, cascading down the sides of her face. Because they do not include a blusher, your groom will not need to lift the veil over your head when you have your first kiss together. Mantilla veils are commonly made from tulle and lace, creating a delicate look that will complete your wedding day outfit.

long wedding veil 2015

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mantilla lace wedding veil 2015

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Wedding Veils and Hairstyles

Whether you have long or short hair, or if you’re planning to wear your hair up or down on your wedding day, there is a wedding veil style that will look great on you. Short veils that cover your eyes and nose with lace mesh or netting can be worn with any type of hairstyle, including buns, braids and down. Because they sit atop your head and only partially cover your face, the back of your hair is open for any type of hairstyle you prefer. Headpieces and crowns also work in a similar way because they sit atop your head, so you can have your hair in a low bun or braid or worn down as well. Long veils cover the back of your head and dress, so they look best with your hair down or half up. However, if you choose to wear a veil without a blusher, you can place it underneath your bun if you prefer to wear your hair up on your wedding day.

bridal hairstyle wedding veil

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wedding hairstyles with veil

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From vintage to modern, there are plenty of styles and types of wedding veils for every bride in 2015. Brides who wish to go the more traditional route with a long, flowing veil that covers her face will find beautiful options, ranging from lace to satin to tulle. Modern and edgy brides will find veils with accessories such as hats and headpieces this year, while brides seeking to channel the vintage glam look will be able to choose from a variety of short veils made of mesh and lace. Wedding veils are here to stay in 2015, and the popular styles reflect the trends of boho chic, vintage glamour and classic romance.

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