How To Incorporate Pets In Your Wedding

Your pet is your family member no doubt, and incorporating your fluffy animal into your special day is not only preferred, but for some people an absolute must. Nowadays the wedding industry is well aware of this and strives to accommodate couples with a plethora of options where their pet can hold an important place on their wedding day.

Pooches and Pets At Weddings

Ring Bearer:

The position of ring bearer has often been given to younger boys; lately, that position has been given to pets. Dressing or suiting your puppy up for this position has become all the rage lately and opens the crowd up to an “aww” inspiring feel, setting the right feel before you and your partner exchange vows.

If you’re worried about your pets wandering off with your costly merchandise (ie. the rings,) you can still incorporate your pets into the ring bearing part of the ceremony with others. Having your pet accompany children that are part of your bridal party or other ring bearers will not only keep your rings safe but also add to your already adorable wedding party!

Pooches and Pets At Weddings

The Aisle Strut:

Walking or having your pet accompany you down the aisle is another great way of keeping your fluffy family member included. Walking down the aisle in your stunning gown is a neckbreaker on its own; having your pet alongside you is a great way to make that spotlight on you even larger! You can custom design a leash that has a bride and groom depicted on it or a leash with you and your partners name to add to the collection of memoirs you’ll want to preserve afterwards.


The only extra addition that could better your already show stopping bridal party, is of the fluffy kind. Incorporating your pets into your bridal party’s pictures not only allows you to include yet another important family member in your wedding photos, but also allows you to get even more creative with your photographs.  Placing your pet in the center of photographs or creating a goofy scenario around your pet will leave you laughing for many years after your special day.

Pooches and Pets At Weddings

Costumes Galore:

Its important that everyone at your wedding look their very best; your pets are no exception! Dressing up your pets in tuxedos and special made dresses is the best way to get the most from your wedding photography and make your adorable pets even cuter.  If you do dress up your pets in this manner, having them walk down the aisle before you do is the perfect way to set the stage for your grand entrance. And all of your guests will think that these costumes look cool.

Pooches and Pets At Weddings

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