Finding A Wedding Photographer To Capture Your Big Day

how to choose your wedding photographer

Wedding photographs are some of the most cherished photos you will have in your possession. Choosing a photographer to capture the memories of your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you have to make about your wedding. But how do you find the wedding photographer who best suits your needs for that special day? There are several considerations you should keep in mind as you begin the search for your wedding photographer.

Storytelling Personality

The photographs from your wedding have one major purpose: to tell the story of your wedding day in picture form. You should be able to look over the photographs from your wedding and instantly remember the moments and emotions the photographer captured, from the groom’s smile as he first sees you step into the aisle in your wedding gown, to the expression on a relative’s face as the two of you are introduced as husband and wife, and down to the mischievous antics of a favorite niece or nephew at the reception. Everything has to do with how the photographer tells the story, and you are going to be able to find that out by looking at portfolios of his or her work.

If the majority of the sample wedding photos are stiff or posed and you are looking for a photographer to take candid shots of the event, it may be time to consider someone else. After all, it’s your wedding day, and you want the photos to reflect the atmosphere of the day in the way you want it captured.

Choose your wedding photographer

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Hello Pinterest! Create An Idea Board

One thing you may want to do to prepare for the wedding day is to start your own Pinterest board. Anytime you see a great pose that may work at your own wedding, save it to your board. You may love a photo you see of a bride dancing with children at her wedding reception, or a poignant moment when the groom kisses his mother on the cheek. Put these photos on your Pinterest board to use as inspiration. Later on, you can go over the ideas with your photographer to ensure that you capture the memories you want on film.

How to choose your wedding photographer

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Lighting & Composition Style

A photographer who knows how to use light to his advantage is a definite requirement for your wedding. A properly-composed photograph that is too dark to make out anyone’s features is, at the end, simply a bad photo. Pay attention to the photographer’s use of existing and artificial light as you look through the samples. Someone who continually photographs the bride with her face cast in shadows will probably do the same at your wedding. But someone who captures light streaming through the trees at just the right moment to actually illuminate the bride as she peeks out a window may be just the person you are looking for.

Wedding Photography

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Photography Budget

Let’s be honest here: You may see a wedding album online and know that the photographer is one of the best wedding photographers in the world and you want him to shoot your wedding. But most of us are constrained by one major issue: budget. Even if you’d like to choose a photographer based solely upon personality, style and creativity, you still must consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on photographs.

You and your fiancé must come to a meeting of the minds on the budget that you are allocating to your photographs. Again, the internet is going to be a big help here, because you can use it as a gauge to see what photographers generally charge for wedding photos as you make your decision.

Don’t forget to think about the cost of photos you’d like to give as gifts to particular family members, like parents and grandparents. They will want a copy of a couple of special photographs as a remembrance from the big event.

How to choose your wedding photographer

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Be sure to ask the photographer about your ability to purchase additional copies of photos at a later date. In some instances, the photographer may store all of your photos indefinitely, but in other cases, once a particular amount of time goes by, you may not be able to purchase additional photos. Even though the wedding budget is a large factor in the consideration process, your wedding is your day and it deserves quality photography

Now that you know what to look for in a photographer and his portfolio, where do you begin your search? With the availability of the internet, finding the perfect photographer is much easier today than it was years ago. Here are some great options to locate the best photographer for your special day.


Word of Mouth

It’s time to consult your friends and family. Who got married in the last five years that lives in the same general vicinity as you? These are the people you need to consult. Look at their wedding albums and ask about the photographer who handled the event. You need to determine their satisfaction level with the photographer as well as the quality of their photos. If they had great photos but felt like the photographer didn’t get the pictures they actually asked for, this person may not be the best fit for you.

Bridesmaids: Wedding Photography

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Google, Bing and Yahoo Search

Use the search engines available to you to look at samples of work of photographers in the area who specialize in wedding photos. This is a great way to see their portfolios and probably get a good idea of their price range so you can determine if they would be within your budget.

Bride and Bridesmaids Wedding Photo

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While you are on the internet, you can also see if there are any complaints about that particular photographer or studio and check out reviews from satisfied customers as well.


Facebook Pages

Social media sites like Facebook are a great resource for finding your wedding photographer. Besides checking out photos of friends and their friends, you can then locate the photographer’s Facebook pages online. Here you can check them out in relative privacy, seeing the comments other brides have left about their work. You can also see innumerable examples of their past photos as well as how popular they are.

Bride and Groom: Wedding Photography

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Wedding Directories

There are also numerous wedding directories online such as Weddingwire and Snapknot that can help you find a photographer in your area that may be the best person for your photography needs. Again, you will be able to see their photos online and can probably get details on their costs to see if they are within your budget.

Bride and Groom Wedding Photo

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Make the Appointment Now

Don’t wait until the last minute to try to book a photographer. The earlier you locate someone you like, the better. Once you decide on the photographer, go ahead and book the date. If you wait, you may end up ‘stuck’ with someone who was your fifth or sixth choice instead of your first.

Wedding RIng Photos

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Remember, this is your special day, one that you want to commemorate with photographs that will be displayed in your home, shared with friends and family and then handed down to your children. Find the best photographer you can afford, and be open and honest with him or her about the poses you want. You won’t be sorry.

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