The Greatest Groomsmen Gifts

groomsmen wedding gifts cigars

Your  groomsmen consist of the closest male friends and family members you have.  Your best childhood friend, your college “bro,” your brother, your cousin – no matter how you know them, your groomsmen are all extremely important in your life and you want them to support you and celebrate this big day with you. After putting on the bachelor party, giving speeches and being there for moral support, you must thank these men to show them how grateful you are for being there for you every step of the way. Typically, grooms spend around $55 on the father’s and the best man’s gift, and around $40 on groomsmen gifts. Below are 10 incredible gifts that would make any groomsmen feel proud and honored to be a part of your wedding party.


There’s something about a cigar that makes men feel especially manly. Even if he doesn’t normally smoke, socially sharing a cigar with a close group of guy friends makes for an excellent bonding opportunity for any groomsman. Giving your groomsmen a nice cigar is a nice way to say thank you for being a part of your wedding party. Whether you’re a cigar aficionado or simply a social enjoyer, your groomsmen will surely appreciate the gesture when you give them a cigar as a thank you gift.

groomsmen wedding gifts cigars

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If your groomsmen appreciate a nice drink, getting them each their favorite type of alcohol would be a simple yet thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a nice scotch or a six pack of beer, your groomsmen will be able to enjoy your gift with you and think of you every time they enjoy it after the wedding. Wrap up the bottles nicely and include a thank you letter so that your groomsmen will know how grateful you really are for their participation in your wedding.

groomsmen gifts favorite alcohol

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Customized Flasks

Give your groomsmen a personalized gift, such as monogrammed or engraved flasks. These customized wedding favors are useful and the engraving adds a nice touch. Customizing always makes it feel more personal. And flasks are a must. Customized with either monogrammed, or the title “groomsman,” “best man” or “father” and the wedding date, and it will be a gift they will remember for a lifetime!

groomsmen gifts customized flasks

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Cufflinks are a classy and important accessory when dressing for a wedding. They’re a great way to add a little bit of flair to an otherwise traditional outfit. You can get all kinds of different cufflinks for your groomsmen, such as monogrammed classic silver ones or superhero shaped cufflinks to show off your personalities. Whether you choose to go with the classic route or a more playful one, cufflinks are an elegant and sophisticated gift that your groomsmen will be able to use and enjoy.

groomsmen gifts cufflinks

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Personalized Bottle Openers/Corkscrews

A handy item for every man to have in his kitchen is a bottle opener and corkscrew. These two-in-one tools making opening bottles simple and fast. Customize them by engraving or stamping their names or initials on them to make these gifts both personal and useful. You can even add the date of your wedding so that they’ll remember the day they got these great gifts. Your groomsmen will love the added touch of the  personalization and also love the fact that you got them a practical item for them to use in the future.

groomsmen gifts personalized bottle openers corkscrews

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Engraved Tie Clips

Another great groomsman gift item to personalize is a tie clip. Your groomsmen may not own tie clips and may not purchase them on their own, so giving them an engraved tie clip as a thank you gift will be greatly appreciated. By adding their names or initials on the tie clip, you make this present much more meaningful and personal. They can even use their gifts at your wedding to secure their ties throughout the entire day.

groomsmen wedding favors tie clips

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Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army knives are one of the most useful tools a man can have in his pocket, his car or at home. With multiple tools and knives in one handy gadget, your groomsmen will be prepared for anything with their very own Swiss Army knives. You can even have them engraved to make them truly personal. All of your groomsmen will love this practical and essential gift.

groomsmen wedding gifts swiss army knives

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Steak Knife Set

Every kitchen needs a good set of steak knives, so why not get your groomsmen each a set of their very own knives? They’ll be perfect for those summers you get together and grill on the barbeque and every other time in between. This groomsman gift is practical and useful. If you’d like to add a personal flair, you can have them engraved with their names or with your wedding date so that the knives will be extra special.

groomsmen wedding gifts steak knives

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Whether your groomsmen can grow a full beard or just a little scruff, every man could use some aftershave. Buying your groomsmen nice aftershave is a great way to say thank you for being part of your wedding day support system. Print out your own custom labels to make these groomsmen gifts your own.

groomsmen gifts aftershave

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Golf ball markers

Whether they’re avid golfers or not, every man will appreciate a nice, personalized golf ball marker for when he’s out on the green. You can get really creative with the types and designs of these markers, but ultimately having your groomsmen’s names and your wedding date on them are a great way to differentiate their markers from everyone else’s.

groomsmen gifts golf ball markers

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