10 Fun Bridal Shower Games Everyone Will Love

best bridal shower games

The bridal shower is an important day for the bride-to-be. Originally, showers were thrown to ensure the couple would have the funds needed to marry, since weddings were expensive events. It has since evolved into a way to gather the women who are most important to the bride and celebrate a new chapter in her life. For some attendants, it can be awkward sitting among new people for an afternoon. This is where games come in – they help break the ice and really let the group become one in celebration. It’s a great way to let everyone get to know each other before the wedding and have a chance to really bond over their shared love and friendship for the bride-to-be. Here are 10 of our favorite bridal shower games that everyone will love.

1. Bridal Trivia

In this game, shower guests will answer questions about the bride to see how well they really know her. These can range from her favorite color to her education to what kinds of jewelry she normally wears – the more difficult or outrageous the question, the more points it is worth. To make it even harder, send the bride out of the room and include questions about her outfit or nail color. At the end, each guest will tally up their correct answers and the guest with the most points will receive a prize. Depending on who is in attendance, remember to keep the questions crowd-friendly and PG-rated!

bridal shower games trivia

Photo Credit: Katie Campbell

2. Pass the Bouquet

The bouquet can be pre-made with real flowers or could be made from the ribbons and bows on the presents, or comprised of DIY tissue paper flowers. From there, it is the same concept as musical chairs: hand the bouquet to a guest and start some music. Guests continue to pass it around the room and when the music stops, the person holding the bouquet is eliminated. The game then continues until there is only one person left. Remember how crazy musical chairs got toward the end? This game gets just as fun. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs to make it even better!

musical bouquet game

Photo Credit: Regina Rodriguez

3. Guess the Groom

Put together a list of your favorite celebrity couples and print out pictures of each of the brides. Show the guests the bride and see how many can correctly guess the groom belonging to each picture. At the end, tally up all the correct answers and the person with the most correct wins a prize!

4. Wedding Pictionary

Grab some markers, an easel and paper and prepare to have a blast! Fill a bowl with slips of paper with various wedding-related terms written on them, such as wedding dress or bridesmaid or open bar. Team members must select a slip of paper and do their best to draw out the term for their team to guess. Divide the guests into teams and watch them go at it as they try to draw and guess their way to victory.

best bridal shower games

Photo Credit: New Love Times

5. Mustaches and Tiaras

Find out how well guests know the bride and groom with this hilarious game. Before the day of the shower, ask the couple questions about their relationship, things that they want for the future and anything else that has to do with their future married lives together. Then cut out mustaches and tiaras from construction paper and glue them onto popsicle sticks. Each answer is read to the guests and they must decide whom the answer belongs to by holding up either a mustache or a tiara.

fun bridal shower games

Photo Credit: Normal Activities

6. Oven Mitts n’ Hose

This game is sure to be a hit. Guests are lined up and given a pair of oven mitts and knee-high pantyhose. At the whistle, they must put on the gloves and be the first to get their pantyhose pulled up on both legs. The first to do so wins a prize. This is a great ice-breaker game since everyone will be put in the same awkward position and can laugh at themselves and others as they attempt to achieve the goal.

7. Tack the Hot Dog

A little more on the risqué side, this game will definitely break the ice. Remember to make sure this is appropriate for everyone who is attending the shower! Place thumbtacks in the bottom of a container. Take a piece of string and tie one end around the participant’s waist. On the other end, tie a hot dog that hangs knee-length. With hands on waist, each person gets 30 seconds to pick up as many tacks as they can. Whoever gets the most, wins! This is also a great game to play at a bachelorette party.

8. Present Bingo

This is a great way to keep guests occupied as the bride opens her gifts. Give each guest a blank bingo template and have them write down what they think each gift is. As the bride unwraps each present, guests mark off the ones they get correct. The first person to get a bingo wins!

bridal shower games

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise

9. Romantic Comedy Charades

Girls and rom-coms go hand-in-hand, so what better place to put that knowledge to use than a bridal shower? On a stack of index cards, write out the names of popular romantic comedies. Guests are divided into two groups. A player from each team is chosen to pick a card and act out scenes from the movie until their teammates correctly guess the answer.

10. Guess the Dress

Each guest is given a card with a picture of a dressed down bride on it. Their job is to draw what they envision the bride’s dress to look like. The person who comes the closest to the actual dress wins. Of course, anyone in the bridal party who may have gone with the bride to find the perfect wedding dress will have an advantage in this game, so if guessing the gown doesn’t work, we suggest guessing the shoes, bouquet or color scheme instead!

guess the dress game

Photo Credit: WeddingBee

The number of games you’ll need for a bridal shower varies with each party. With a little imagination, they can be tailored to the wedding theme and to the bride’s personality. The most important aspect of choosing the right games is that they are entertaining and inclusive. The bridal shower is a day the bride and her attendants should remember. By bringing all the girls together in a day of laughter and love, the bride-to-be will definitely have a memorable bridal shower.

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