The Digital Photography Age that Changed Wedding Albums

Wedding Album Creation

In the days before digital photography, the only photography that existed was through film cameras that would then be developed in a dark room. Today, that world of photography is hardly recognizable. iPhones and digital cameras have completely replaced the need for a camera with specific exposure settings and limited pictures.

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That, of course, means that the world of wedding photography was once completely different. For one, before digital photography, professional photographers were the only possessors of shots from the wedding day. That means that the bride had no other options for attaining her wedding photos other than having them printed by the photographer him/herself. It also meant that the prices of wedding albums, or wedding packages in general, could cost from $3,000-$7,000 since all the services were coming from the same source.

Today, that’s far from true.

In the late 1990s, digital cameras started to become frequent among photography lovers and by the early 2000s, they were a common household item. By 2007, our cell phones were equipped with cameras as well. This development revolutionized the world of photography.

Wedding Album Creation

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And as photography changed, naturally, the way photos are printed and bound changed too. Photo books became more accessible, diversified and fittingly, more popular, which also led to brides’ interest in creating wedding albums. While photo books and wedding albums differ, the desire for brides to design and create their own wedding memoir did not.

Among this age of more diverse options, BrideBox Wedding Albums was born. Coming from a background in the professional wedding photography market, BrideBox created unique and user-friendly software that allows us to provide brides with hand-tailored and personalized options.

With the new age of digital photography and accessible technology, not only were wedding albums not strictly in the hands of the photographer, but couples now became capable of designing DIY wedding albums to capture their wedding day in a more personal, customizable and generally money-saving way. This BrideBox software allowed us to approach every bride’s concerns.

For one, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to navigate the software. We strive for every bride to feel great about her wedding album, which is why our free design software is full of various album templates and both desktop and online tools. We also make sure that customer support is easily available if you need it.

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Furthermore, at BrideBox Wedding Albums, it’s important to us that brides fall in love with their albums, which is why we provide so many options of wedding album styles. Some of these options include leather-cover albums in more than 12 colors and styles, luster gloss or matte paper choices, many customizable photo cover looks, and album sizes.

Additionally, for the perfect professional photo album look, we ensure high quality photo print and vibrant photo colors through manually color correcting each picture within your album and handcrafting each binding.

Bridal Guide reviewed BrideBox saying: “BrideBox [is] a… creation service devoted entirely to DIY couples who want the look and feel of a high-end wedding album, without the hefty price tag. Sketpical? The BG editors were, too; that is until we reviewed a gorgeous sample firsthand. We were unable to differentiate the thick, glossy paper and sturdy binding from professional (much more costly) albums that we’ve seen.”

Even more importantly, however, is that we take pride in every bride’s love of her wedding album and are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. Feel free to check out our customer reviews here.

Thanks to the revolution of digital photography, BrideBox is able to help brides create customizable DIY wedding albums that feature the highlights of their big day and allows them to relive their joyous moments whenever they want.

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