Reliving Our Day, Over and Over by Lori Mercaod

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Sometimes I can’t help but sit back and be in awe of just how quickly our special day flew by. Between the photos and food, dancing and mingling, caking cutting, toasts, laughter and tears, to say that the day went by in a blur is most definitely an understatement! That’s why I’m so incredibly grateful to have purchased our beautiful photo album.

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We were so incredibly lucky to have our very best friend extend to us her talents and skills and offer to be our photographer at the wedding. She was able to not only capture the big important moments of our day but also the beautifully intimate moments we shared with each other and our loved ones as well as moments we would have missed because we were running around the whole day! So as soon as she sent us our final edited photos (thank goodness for the option to Photoshop out a random stress-induced pimple and a few dark circles here and there!) I got to working on our photo album.

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Being given the opportunity to work with BrideBox was awesome! I was able to share my story with my friends and family through their site and to share it with other brides that were going through a similar experience. Weddings are so very stressful so it’s nice to commiserate with other brides that understand exactly what you’re going through and are also stressing out over guests lists or mourning the loss of a parent throughout such a monumental milestone of life.  On top of that, we were able to get an incredibly great deal on our photo album!

best wedding album companies

The album we decided on was the “Lake 12×12”.  We loved how modern it looked with a personal photo as the cover and we decided to go with the larger album because we felt it would bring our photos to life, which it did! The BrideBox software was incredibly easy to use. I mean, even my 8 year old niece was moving and changing the sizes of photos! I was able to upload all our photos onto their website and manually choose which photo I wanted where and their layouts were great because it converted the photos to a variety of sizes and even gave some pages a more artistic look by allowing the photos to be changed to sepia or black and white. Our favorite option for the interior of the book was to have photos spread across entire pages which we used for our ceremony picture, a gorgeous picture of my flower girl (niece) and a picture of my bouquet showcasing the charm I got with a picture of my mother on her wedding day.  Overall we were ecstatic with the purchase, not only because it was easy to create and affordable, but because we were able to make the album exactly the way we wanted it.

wedding album companies

It’s been a little over 9 months since we said “I Do” and it’s kind of mind boggling how incredibly happy we are! Actually, I think we’re even happier (if that’s even possible!). I’m looking forward to a beautiful life together and I’m grateful for every one that has been a part of our lives individually and a part of our relationship. Although there were a few important people missing from that day, I know their presence was there through the experience and love poured out on us through friends and family that were touched by their lives.

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August 2nd, 2014 will always be a very special day in our hearts, and we’re grateful to BrideBox and their Lake photo album because it gives us the opportunity to experience and enjoy our special day over and over again.

Lori was so excited to receive her Lake album in the mail that she filmed herself going through it for the first time – it looks great!

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