How To Choose Bridal And Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2022

hairstyles for bride and bridesmaid

You’ve probably seen dozens of gorgeous hairstyles in celebrity magazines and on Pinterest that you really like for your wedding. However, before you bring a picture to your hairstylist and proclaim that this is the hairstyle you want for your wedding day, there are a few things to consider. Remember that the way your hair looks on your wedding day is just as much a part of the entire outfit as the shoes or dress itself. You can have your bridesmaids all match each other, match you or have their own hairstyles. The way you choose to do your hair will be documented in your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so it’s important to choose carefully based on the following aspects.


If you are thinking about having your bridesmaids match your hair, you’ll first have to think about their hair lengths and types before you start dreaming about matching updos. If any of your bridesmaids have short hair while others have long hair, it won’t be possible to have matching hairstyles – unless they’re willing to get extensions or wear a fake bun! However, if all of your bridesmaids have similar length hair, or long enough hair to put up into a bun, then you have some options. Ask your bridesmaids if they have any styles that they absolutely hate or any that they think flatter their face shapes. Even though this is your big day, you want your bridesmaids to be happy with your selections as well.

bridesmaid hairstyles

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Is your wedding indoors or outdoors? Will you be inside a church or religious establishment? What is the tone and dress code of your venue? The location of your wedding will help dictate what kinds of hairstyles would be appropriate for you and your bridesmaids. For example, classical and elegant updos would pair well with cathedrals and churches, while half up or loose waves would pair well with rustic outdoor weddings. Your wedding hair should match the overall theme of your special day; if the level of formality of your hairstyle doesn’t match the setting, it might look off in your wedding photos and feel off in person.

hairstyles for bride and bridesmaid

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One of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting bridal hairstyles is the weather on your wedding day, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception on a hot summer day. There would be nothing worse than having your pretty hair sticking to the back of your neck as you are exchanging your vows! On the other hand, having a gorgeous updo in an air conditioned hotel ballroom might leave you and your bridesmaids feeling chilly during a fall wedding. Check the weather forecast for your wedding date and think about what makes the most sense when it comes to temperature and setting.

updos for bridesmaids

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Hair and makeup are often counted into a wedding budget, but unless you’ve had experience working with professional stylists before, it’s tough to estimate how much your beauty team will really cost. Not only do you need them present on the actual day, but it’s good practice to have a trial run beforehand to make sure that you are satisfied with the styles you’ve chosen. If you want all of your bridesmaids to have matching hair, it’s good etiquette to pay for them as well. Once you’ve added up all the hairstyles you need to have done for both the trial run and the wedding day, you might be surprised at the total budgeted amount. A great way to cut costs for your beauty budget is by hiring stylists that are still in school or in training. They offer the same skill set (although less experienced) as a professional stylist but for a fraction of the cost. If you find yourself still outside your budget, then you may not want to require matching hairstyles.

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We’ve touched upon the idea of having your hairstyle match your venue’s level of formality as well as the weather for the day, but ultimately the most important thing to consider when choosing your bridal hair is what your dresses look like. If you have a beautiful illusion back on your wedding gown, you should show it off with a simple and elegant updo. More formal and classic styles of bridal gowns will look best with updos, while more free-flowing gowns will look great with half down styles. Feel free to bring a picture of your dress (or the actual dress itself) with you to your preliminary styling appointment in addition to any inspirational photos you’ve found. Your hairstylist will be able to recommend different options to fit the look and feel of your gowns and the wedding itself.

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Finding the right hairstyle for your wedding day is just as important as selecting the right pair of shoes. You want to pick something that not only flatters your face, but works well with your dress and venue. Having your bridesmaids match your hairstyle will certainly look great in photos, but make sure you allocate enough of your budget to do so if that’s the route you want to take. And remember – it’s always a good idea to have a trial run beforehand to make sure you actually like the style you’ve chosen.

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