Best Websites for Wedding Guests to RSVP

wedding guest RSVP

Planning your wedding can be a stressful situation. You have to find the venue, pick the food, flowers, and other details. It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days in a couple’s life; unfortunately, it’s usually filled with stress. One way you can lift a little of that stress is to streamline your RSVP process by using websites to organize and manage your wedding guests’ RSVPs. Here are a few of the websites out there that can help you stay organized on your special day.


RSVPify is a website that helps you manage your wedding guest list for no fee. It has all the usual key components you want in an event website. The one key difference with this website is that you have the ability to actually embed their RSVP tool onto your own personal website. This works great, especially if you are using your own website to get the details of your special day to your guests. You can simply let them know that they can RSVP through your website so they don’t have to juggle different URLs to find out about your special day.

Not only does this website simplify your guests’ RSVP, but it also will make it easy for you to keep track of them. You will get e-mails when someone responds and you can visit the website and manage your event. The best part is that you can also use RSVPify to invite and manage secondary events like a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

wedding websites RSVP

Appy Couple

Just a decade ago, websites to plan your wedding were just starting to come into popularity. Now there are sites everywhere where you can plan your wedding and have guests RSVP online. One unique quality of the site Appy Couple is that it’s an app that is built for your mobile device in addition to the desktop website. For guests, downloading and using this app costs nothing. They can RSVP via the app or website. For couples building their app and website there is a one-time fee of $35 for a basic membership and a fee of $69 for their luxury collection which gives you access to a few extra designs. The big difference with this site is that you can add YouTube videos to your page. This is a cute add-on for your guests to watch. There is also an instant messenger platform that can connect you with other users and guests.

best wedding websites for RSVP


AnRSVP is another service that costs nothing and helps with the management of your wedding. This site is interactive for you and your guests. Once you sign up, you can either import a guest list from another file or you can choose the “open” option, meaning that your guests can add themselves to the list. When you use this website, you have the option to add additional questions for your guests to answer rather than the run of the mill answers of yes or no. You can ask your guests to pick meal options or even a favorite song. You have control over what your guests can see when they RSVP.

RSVP websites


RSVP Me Now is free of fees and is simple to use. If all you want is a straightforward RSVP website without all the bells and whistles, this is the website for you. On this website, you do have the ability to customize your RSVP form to find pertinent details, like how many in a party will attend and gather their meal options. Also available, are reminder e-mails sent out to your guests, so they won’t forget your big day. Also, don’t forget to add important details such as location and directions to your venue so your guests have all that info at a click of a mouse.

simple RSVP website


WeddingWire doesn’t charge a fee and its website offers all your wedding planning tools is one place. This is perfect for the bride-to-be who is on the go and needs to have a digital book of her wedding details. When you use their RSVP feature, you can import your contacts from your Gmail account making it easier to build your guest list. You can create a custom website for guests to see when they choose to RSVP via this method. Keep track of who has declined and who has yet to respond with their easy to use website.

wedding guest list manager


The name of this website says it all, it’s free. While there are tons of free RSVP trackers out there, a unique part of Free RSVP is that no personal information is needed when registering and you can create an unlimited guest list. You can send an invitation by e-mail and track the responses through regular updates this site provides for you.

wedding RSVP menu options

Hitched Up

Hitched Up is still in its Beta stage, meaning you can still use their services without any charges while they are creating the ultimate wedding planning site. Through this website, you get a smartphone friendly site, as well as customizable themes and easy to use guest lists. When you use Hitched Up, you can have Google directions and registries all in one place. When guests RSVP, they can view accommodations, your personal love story, and a list of events for the big day.

wedding guest RSVP

Depending on your specific needs, you can see that there are many website options out there to help keep your wedding organized. Whether it’s just a simple RSVP website or a full-blown wedding extravaganza website that incorporates the RSVP process, you have control. Pick your favorite and sign-up. Your wedding just became a lot easier.

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