11 Beautiful DIY Wedding Arches 2022

Many brides want to add a personal touch to their wedding decorations by taking on a DIY project. While there are some wedding tasks to leave to the professionals, your wedding arch is a challenging but incredibly fun and special piece to decorate yourself or better yet, with your fiancé. Imagine walking down the isle toward the love of your life standing under the décor that you handmade. For inspiration, we’ve gathered 11 beautiful DIY wedding arches of different styles.

Simple and Elegant

DIY Wedding Arch

Photo Credit: Sarah Hasstedt Photography

If you are planning on embedding flowers into your wedding arch—whether that means in the corner or every inch of it—consider all the different types of flowers and flower combinations that are out there and how color combinations and flower types may create a different feel to your arch.

Sweet and Gentle

Beautiful Wedding Arches

Photo Credit: Natalie Watson Photography

Nautical and Romantic

Wedding Arches Ideas

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Campbell Photography

Colorful and Lively

DIY Wedding Arch Styles

Photo Credit: Julia Russell Photography

In many cultures, celebration means lots of colors and decorations. If you or your fiancé come from cultures with different wedding traditions than the classic American customs, your wedding arch may be the perfect way to tie that into your wedding décor.

Minimalist and Classy

Wedding Arches Style

Photo Credit: Artsinfotos Photography

Rustic and Chic

Creative Wedding Arch

Photo Credit: Bella Eva Photography

Outdoorsy and Delightful

DIY Arch Ideas

Photo Credit: Jen Rodriguez

Vintage and Romantic

Wedding Arches DIY

Photo Credit: Alyssa Maloof Photography

Soft and Lovely

DIY Arches for Wedding

Photo Credit: Kristilee Parish Photography

Old-timey and Chic

Types of Wedding Arches

Photo Credit: Taylor Lord Photography

Unique and Personal

Styles of Wedding Arches

Photo Credit: Lindsay Madden Photography

What is a wedding arch?

A wedding arch is a popular decoration that is made from a wooden frame and decorated with flowers, fabrics and feathers. The wedding arch is usually placed at the altar as a great background drop for the bride and groom. Over the past 10 years, wedding arches have become a staple in most weddings and can complement many different types of wedding themes.

Once you’ve created your personal DIY wedding arch, you want to be sure that it is captured and remembered. Think of any poses you may want with your spouse-to-be underneath your special project and talk to your wedding photographer about the shots you want. You’re unlikely to forget the hard work and pride that goes into preparing for your wedding and especially any handmade projects, but you also want to be sure you have pictures to look back on!

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