10 Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Baby Announcement for Family

Congratulations! Whether you have just tied the knot, gotten back from an incredible honeymoon location, you’ve been married for years or you aren’t quite married yet, you and your honey are now expanding your family! This is a very exciting time and we know you can’t wait to tell all your friends and family! Many couples like to make the big announcement in a unique and memorable way. Here are 10 creative ways to share the great news with your loved ones!

Bun In The Oven

We all know the expression ‘bun in the oven’. A fun and thought-provoking way to make your big announcement is through playing out the expression literally. Invite your family over and ask your mom, dad, or siblings to check on the food in the oven. When they open it and see one bun, they may be confused at first, but once they catch on, they are bound to be surprised and excited! Because the phrase is somewhat old-timey, this one is especially great for couples who love to follow traditional wedding customs.

Bun in the Ove Announcement

Photo Credit: Veronica’s Camera

Math Equation

There are a lot of issues that come up after the wedding and a common one is finance. Take math back into your own hands by announcing your pregnancy through an equation! You can use a chalkboard, building blocks, or computer graphics to let your loved ones know that you + your hubby = a family!

Math Equation Baby Annoucement

Photo Credit: Trystan Photography

Unfilled Item

Similarly to romantic date nights with your partner, finding creative ways to announce pregnancy can help couples bond and get excited about the huge change they will soon embark. A cute way of sharing the big news with your loved ones is through creating a picture in which you align an appropriate amount of items, with one (or all) unfilled, implying that another family member is on the way. This type of photo can be taken with chairs, pairs of shoes, table settings, or bottles (water/beer for the couple and milk for the baby).

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Photo Credit: Dancing Dandelions


Everyone loves a good board game. It’s a fun way to pass the time, and of course it’s fitting for families. That’s why making your big announcement through Scrabble is the perfect way to share your news. Whether it is aimed at your partner, parent, or best friend, the message is sure to get across clearly! Warning: there may be too much excitement to actually play Scrabble after.

Scrabble Baby Annoucement

Photo Credit: Etsy

Shopping List

Throughout your marriage, surprising your partner with his/her favorite foods is a great way to keep things exciting, but sometimes you will be grocery shopping together. Take this otherwise mundane chore as an opportunity to share the amazing news with your partner. Create a shopping list with a baby theme, including items such as baby carrots, baby back ribs, and baby peas. To make your message especially clear, end your list with “Gerber baby”. This is a sure way to make your shopping trip one that neither of you will forget.

Baby Books

This is a great opportunity to involve all family members in the announcement. If this is your first child, take a photo of you and your partner reading a baby book, such as “what to expect when you’re expecting”. If you have children, have them sit on your lap holding a “big sister” or “big brother” type of baby book created to help introduce children to the idea of having siblings. This photo will be a sweet way to share the big news and something your family can preserve forever.

Baby Announcement for Family

Photo Credit: Elana’s Blair Photography

Grandma/Grandpa Mugs

There are many ways to show your love to people close to you. One way to make your parents or parents-in-law feel appreciated is by creating a special pregnancy announcement especially for them. Giving the gift of “grandma” and “grandpa” mugs is a cute and memorable way to let them know that your family is expanding and that you thought of them first! Of course, this announcement only works for first babies.

Grandma Grandpa Baby Annoucement

Photo Credit: Brush with a View

Bump Ahead

Another cute and clever way to make your big announcement is through humor! “Bump ahead” is a common street sign that can have a double meaning for your photo. You can find the sign on a street or buy a knock-off version online. This photo op is both adorable and creative!

Cute Pregnancy Announcement

Photo Credit: Heather Elizabeth Photography


When we get excited for an event, we count down to it. You’re unlikely to forget how many months are left until you get to hold your baby, but a calendar is a great way of staying excited and keeping others in the loop. It is also a fun way to announce your pregnancy! Open a calendar to your baby’s expectancy month and year and place an ultrasound picture, baby shoes or a baby toy on top of the calendar. The message will be clear and your friends and family are sure to get excited!

Baby Announcement Calendar

Photo Credit: Viva Veltoro

Announcing pregnancy is a very exciting time for couples. You get to share your joy with your friends and family. This is also a great opportunity for couples to bond over the experience of coming up with and executing the perfect way to share the great news. Whether you want to stick with a classic feel or be totally unique, there’s a creative announcement out there for you.

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