5 Key Things Most Brides Don’t Know About Their Wedding Albums

Beautiful wedding album images

Your wedding album is a gorgeous keepsake that will preserve the memories and emotions from one of the most important days of your life for years to come. While it’s fun to take it out to show guests and relive the beauty of your wedding day, there are a few things that most brides don’t know about their fabulous wedding albums. Here are the top five key things that you may not know about your wedding album.

It’s a flush mount album

The term “flush mount” gets thrown around a lot in the wedding album industry, but what does flush mount actually mean? Flush mount albums have pages that are printed individually as single photos and then mounted onto thick, durable cardstock that does not fold. These pages are truly the highest quality for displaying your images and the difference between flush mount pages and regular pages can be seen and felt instantly. Wedding albums are almost always flush mount.

Flush mount wedding albums


Climate and temperature affect preservation

Keeping the album in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment helps preserve the album, enabling you to share the album for years with generations to come. Do not expose your album to extreme heat or humidity as high temperatures can cause the paper to dry out and become brown and brittle and high humidity can cause mold to grow on the album and between pages. It is also important to keep your album out of direct sunlight as this can cause the images to fade. By taking care of your wedding album and storing it in a mild climate you’ll be able to preserve the materials, pages and memories much longer.

Flush mount wedding album pages


Not all leather covers are created equal

Although your wedding album’s leather cover is designed to protect the pages that hold your images, there are a few different options that you may not be aware of. A genuine leather cover is created with three individual pieces of leather that are fitted to cover the front, back and spine of the album while a premium leather cover is a single piece of higher quality leather that is custom fitted to the album as a whole. In addition to these options, there are also embossed leather covers which are premium leather with designs and patterns and photo printed leather covers which involve printing a photo onto a premium piece of leather. Many brides are unaware of all of the different cover options they have to choose from.

Printed leather photo cover metallic wedding album


Your photos may have been edited

You looked absolutely radiant and stunning on your wedding day, and the photos your hired professional wedding photographer took are a true testament to that. When you receive your wedding album you should only be thrilled with how the results look. What you may not know is that some of your images may have been edited and color-corrected to achieve the full potential of vibrancy and vivacity.

Beautiful wedding album images


There are different page options

When you have a flush mount album, your pages will lay completely flat, providing the most optimal viewing experience. But did you know that you can choose what your pages look like? You can choose from glossy, lustre or matte pages. Glossy pages are shiny and are the best choice for displaying vibrant and bright images. However, they may show fingerprints easily. Matte pages are duller, but provide an overall more even finish. It is considered a very professional choice and greatly reduces the amount of glare and fingerprints. If you can’t decide, lustre is a goon in between choice – it is not as sharp or vibrant as glossy, yet not as muted as matte. It is also considered a professional finish and reduces glare and fingerprints. Depending on what tone you want to achieve with your album, you can select the appropriate type of page.

Lay flat wedding album pages


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