Why You Shouldn’t DJ Your Own Wedding

Wedding dance party

Here at BrideBox, we absolutely love the concept of DIY as a way to save money and exercise your creativity, especially when it comes to your wedding. However, sometimes things should be left to the professionals. For example, trying to create and set up your own lighting system may sound like a great way to cut costs, but we all know that hiring a skilled professional would guarantee much better results.

It may seem obvious that you would want a professional company to do your lighting, but what about something like music? Your reception is the time for everyone to relax a bit and let loose on the dance floor. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been to a concert or a party with a DJ and thought to ourselves, “That looks easy. I could totally do that.” In this day and age, more and more people are taking the DIY approach to music by loading up an iPod or other music player with their favorite tracks and just letting it play throughout the night. But what most people may not realize is that relying on a tiny device to provide such an integral part of your big day opens the door to many potential problems and issues. Here are a few of the undeniable reasons why you shouldn’t DJ your own wedding.

Technical difficulties

The most common issue with DJing your own wedding is technological difficulties. There are a lot of different components to getting your sound system to work and sound good, and speakers, cords, the sound mixer and the actual music playing device are just a few of the key ones. Any number of technical failures could happen with any of these devices which would cause you to have no music for your ceremony and reception. In addition to electronics not working at all, electronics are also notorious for not working as they should. Poor sound quality, harsh feedback and extreme differences in volume from song to song are all technical failures that would disrupt the flow of your reception and negatively impact your guests’ experience. All it takes is one faulty cord or an iPod crash to ruin your perfect day.

 Sound equipment wedding rental

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You forget songs

Picture this: you’re getting down on the dance floor with all of your best friends from every stage of your life, when all of a sudden your sorority sister shrieks and asks if you remember that time you went to that dive bar that one time and sang karaoke to that one Michael Jackson song. You all laugh together and reminisce about how awesome that night was. But, you don’t have the song on your playlist! If you had hired a professional DJ or band to play at your wedding, they could have seamlessly introduced the song next, causing extreme excitement and delight for you and your friends.

 Wedding dance party

Photo Credit: Orlando DJ

Not-so-smooth transitions

A wedding DJ or band not only provides music for the entire reception, but for your ceremony as well. However, the difference between the types of music required for each section of your wedding is quite a stark contrast. You’ll need ambient, classical music for the beginning of the ceremony, something traditional or special for when you walk down the aisle, specific songs for your first dance and father daughter dance, and so on. Trusting someone to manually change songs during your ceremony is a big task and there is absolutely no guarantee the transitions will be smooth, despite how many times you practice. A professional will have done this many times and will be able to ensure that your ceremony music goes off without a hitch.

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