Ring Wrapper: Wedding Ring Protector

Karen Folcik, co-founder of RingWrapper.com, tells brides all about the Ring Wrapper and gives 5 great tips on how to take care of your wedding ring:

When did you get started?

We came up with the idea after a frightening personal experience. After only 2 weeks of being engaged, my loose engagement ring fell off my hand and down a city sewer drain. My fiancé (now husband) and I were extremely upset, and we believed that we would never see my precious new ring again. Fortunately, a police officer was kind enough to climb down into the sewer drain and find it for us. We were so lucky to have found it! After that experience, we knew that we never wanted to risk losing my ring again, and that night, my husband created Ring Wrapper.

What do you specialize in?

Ring Wrapper is a silicone ring protector that you slide on over your wedding ring to protect your precious ring from damage or from falling off. Many people (especially Brides-to be) worry incessantly about their rings, and take special precautions (like taking it off, or wearing it on a necklace) to be sure that their ring will stay in great condition. Ring Wrapper allows you to wear your ring all day, every day, so you won’t ever have to worry about your ring again! Ring Wrapper protects your ring from scratches and dents, and keeps your ring clean from dirt, chemicals and lotions. It also provides a cushion so you don’t scratch other people or things with your ring. Plus, with our patent-pending design, you can be sure that your ring is kept clean and dry.


How you use your product?

Ring Wrapper is really easy to use – all you do is slip Ring Wrapper onto your finger, and slide it up and over your ring. Your Ring Wrapper will fit perfectly in place automatically.

Who is it for?

Ring Wrapper is for all ring-wearers that want to keep their rings in great condition. Ring Wrapper helps you protect your ring at home during daily activities (like washing dishes, doing yard work and cleaning), during sports (weight lifting, water skiing) and on vacation (you definitely don’t want to lose your ring at the beach!). Ring Wrapper also allows many people to wear their ring at work, when they previously were not able to, and helps people who can’t take their rings off. Ring Wrapper is also extremely useful for Brides-to-Be and Newlyweds who are still getting used to wearing a ring.

What makes us special?

Prior to Ring Wrapper, jewelers recommended that you take your ring off during any activity that could possibly harm your ring. There was a long list of activities, which included but isn’t limited to: swimming, kneading dough or making meatballs, yard work, going to the beach, playing sports, working out, applying lotion, home improvement, travelling, and more. But now, ring wearers love that they don’t have to constantly take their ring off and stash it some place. They can confidently wear their ring no matter what activity they are doing.

What distinguishes us from other vendors?

Ring Wrapper is waterproof, and it wraps entirely around your ring, so your ring is completely protected from the elements. This means that when you’re swimming in a pool, Ring Wrapper will protect your ring from being exposed to the pool chemicals that can tarnish your ring. And when you are applying lotion, our patent-pending design keeps your ring clean and dry. Ring Wrapper fits snug around your finger so it is comfortable enough to wear all day, while still providing the best protection for your ring.

Ring Wrapper comes in a multiple colors and sizes. They are available at www.ringwrapper.com for $6.95 plus shipping. Ring Wrapper is competing in Walmart’s “Get On The Shelf” contest! Visit our website to vote and help us bring Ring Wrapper to your local Walmart.


5 tips for taking care of your wedding rings:

  1. Make sure your ring is the right size. Rings that are too loose slip and slide all over our fingers and are not only annoying but can unknowingly slip off. You can tell that your ring is the right size if it’s comfortable on your hand and it doesn’t slide over your knuckle when you pull on it.

  2. Keep it on! Unless you are working with heavy machinery, or some kind of activity where it is unsafe to wear a ring, then the best place for your ring is on your hand! You can admire your ring, show it off to others, and as long as you protect your ring when you need to, you don’t have to worry about it getting lost, damaged or dirty.

  3. Clean it. Rings are always on our hands and are constantly collecting germs and bacteria. When you wash your hands, pay particular attention to your ring. Suds it up so the soap goes in and around all the crevices of your ring.

  4. Take it in the jewelers annually. Stones and settings loosen up over time, and jewelers will help ensure that your ring stays in tip-top condition.

  5. Insure it. Just in case something out-of-the ordinary happens and your ring does get lost, stolen or badly damaged, you’ll want something to fall back on.


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