Top 8 Finger Foods to Serve at Your Wedding Reception

Great Wedding Reception Foods
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They woke up early, they got ready, they traveled, and now your guests are here! You and your fiancé have been planning for this day for months… You’ve figured out how to best organize your seating chart, you’ve decided on the best DJ, and hopefully, you remembered that many of your guests are going to show up hungry! Choosing your reception food is tricky because you have to consider a balance between easy-to-eat food that won’t distract from friendly greetings, and appetizers that are enjoyable and delicious! Here are 8 of the best easy finger food ideas to serve at your wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Best Finger FoodsPhoto Credit: Perfect Setting Catering

  1. Deviled Eggs

There are many ways to choose what your reception food will be. You might pick some popular favorites, you may prefer some of your personal favorites, or you might choose your reception food to match the season. Eggs are traditionally a breakfast food, making deviled eggs an especially great fit for day-time weddings any season of the year. But if your wedding is in the evening, don’t be too quick to rule it out; this finger food is a popular classic that guests of all ages can enjoy. You can keep it simple, or add bacon or olives for an unexpected touch!

Deviled Eggs at Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Danielle Sara Photography

  1. Strawberry Bruschetta

Some couples decide to explore popular wedding food trends, while others prefer a more unique take. Sometimes, all you need is to take a well-liked food and add a little twist to it in order to have an outstanding wedding menu. Strawberry Bruschetta is a bite-sized food that brings together fruit, cheese, and tomatoes to create an incredible citrus savory flavor that your guests are sure to remember!

Unique Finger Foods for Reception

Photo Credit: Cocoa Bean, The Vegetable

  1. Mini Quiches

When you first begin planning which foods to serve at your wedding, your first thought may be to find foods that are easy to eat and widely loved. The best approach to satisfying all of your hungry guests is to combine special and unique foods people will remember with familiar foods that are guaranteed to go quick. Mini quiches are simple finger foods that your guests are sure to love.

Easy Foods for Your Wedding

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

  1. Parmesan Toast

In addition to unexpected snacks and popular treats, you may also want to include one basic item. This will not only help satisfy your especially picky eaters, but also be a great snack for the busy couple! One of the most common wedding day mistakes that couples do is to not take the time to eat during their wedding. Although you will probably feel too excited to eat much, it’s important to get some food in you to keep your energy up and your body feeling good! Parmesan toast is a great food to grab as you continue socializing with your guests.

Wedding Reception Foods for Picky Eaters

Photo Credit: Recipe Tin Eats

  1. Stuffed Celery

Catering a wedding where you or your guests have strict eating habits can sometimes be difficult. Although not every food at the reception has to be eaten by each attendee, you want all your guests to have something to snack on. If fitting, you may consider finding a vegetarian or vegan caterer. Otherwise, consider specific foods that will accommodate various eating habits. Stuffed celery is an easy and healthy snack that can be made with dairy products or dairy alternatives, making it a great finger food to have at your wedding reception.

Reception Food for Mingling

Photo Credit: Food Network

  1. Vegetable Shooters

If you are a bride that put a lot of effort into getting fit for your wedding, you are probably very familiar with vegetable snacks. Vegetables are nutritious and tasty, but you want to make sure that they are also neat and easy to walk around with. That’s why vegetable shooters are the perfect snack for your reception. Sliced carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and celery combined in a shot glass, with a layer of ranch at the bottom make for a great snack for guests to carry with them throughout the reception.

Healthy Wedding Reception Appetizers

Photo Credit: Carmen Ash Photography

  1. Individual Shrimp Cocktails

Traditionally, most weddings have a subtle theme that ties the flowers, tablecloth, and decorations all together. Some couples have incredibly quirky wedding themes, and some have no theme at all. There are various great bite-sized foods that add a lot to the theme of the wedding. Individual shrimp cocktails are a perfect addition to a classy wedding, and are also a perfect fit for so many formal and old-timey themes!

Classy Foods for Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Charleston Catering

  1. Chocolate Mousse in a Martini Glass

The last finger food for your wedding reception is a bit different than the rest… Although it is less traditional to do so, we recommend including a dessert at your wedding reception. The sweet snack, like all the others, will be bite-sized and easy to eat. Many couples don’t think to add an appetizer to the reception that will satisfy that sweet tooth, but since wedding desserts tend to be a favorite, a nice chocolate mousse in a classy martini glass is guaranteed to be loved and will have everyone excited for the wedding cake!

Dessert at Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: My Baking Addiction

Delicious and simple finger foods are a great way to keep your guests feeling good before all of the action of the wedding begins. You want the food to be easy to eat while everyone mingles and still so tasty that people will be asking who came up with these amazing appetizers!

Great Wedding Reception Foods

Photo Credit: Thomas Farms





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