5 Most Popular Wedding Gift Table Ideas in 2022

Creative wedding card table ideas

You are planning out your wedding piece by piece so it will be as close as possible to your perfect day. If you’re approaching the final two weeks of planning, you may have even created a comprehensible wedding planning checklist. When choosing your venue, your dress, and your decorations, you may consider whether you want to take inspiration from common wedding trends. You are putting so much thought and care into planning every detail, but there is one thing that may have slipped through the cracks… have you considered whether to include a wedding gift table? Many couples incorporate a gift table so that guests that come with cards and gifts know where to leave them. And since you’ve already planned the rest of your wedding so beautifully, you don’t want your gift table to fall short. The following are 5 creative ideas for your wedding day gift table decoration.

1 Birdcage

If you are the type of woman who likes to keep things cute and original, it will be apparent through your wedding decorations. There are so many ways in which creativity shines through, such as your wedding dress choice, wedding theme and decorations, bride and groom chair signs, or your venue set up. The wedding gift table is yet another outlet for your love of originality. Instead of just a regular table, you can put a large birdcage with a sign that says “cards” or “gifts”. The decoration will be out of the ordinary and the label will help clarify any ambiguity.

Wedding reception gift table

Photo Credit: Imgarcade

2 Pseudo Aquarium/ Terrarium

Seasons, weather forecasts and wedding locations help you determine many aspects of your wedding day. For instance, you know that choosing the right dress for your wedding destination is an important consideration. Similarly, you kept in mind these influential aspects when picking your wedding venue. So why not have your wedding gift table match the rest? If your wedding is taking place near or on a beach, lake, or forest, you can create a pseudo aquarium or terrarium (depending on which is more fitting) to have guests place cards in. For an aquarium, you include moss and one or two classic aquarium toys. Alternatively, you can also line a glass box with a seashell layer. For a terrarium box, place a layer of moss and one or two plants inside the box. As with the birdcage, you should include a sign that says “cards” or “gifts” to clarify the purpose of your creative decoration.

Creative wedding card table ideas

Photo Credit: Etsy

3 Gift Wagon

Vintage has become more and more of a trend in the last few years. If you like the style but don’t want to commit your whole wedding to the vintage theme, consider including a few old-themed decorations throughout your wedding. From creative something-old accessories to vintage lighting, there are many ways to subtly incorporate the theme throughout the celebration. Your gift and card table placement, of course, is a great way to put a vintage spin on your decorations. More elaborate than some of the others, a gift wagon is a creative way to pull your guests back in time.

Wedding gift cards original

Photo Credit: Unique Weddings

4~ Shipping Wooden Box

Some weddings have a more obvious theme than others. Whether that is a specific decade, location, color scheme or television show wedding theme, sometimes it is meant to stand out. There are wedding gift table ideas that are versatile for many themes. A shipping wooden card box is perfect for a vintage, nautical, pirates, or Game of Thrones theme. It is easy to make or attain and adds a creative spin to any wedding.

Wedding card table ideas

Photo Credit: Etsy

5~ Letters of love

If you want to keep things creative but simple, you may want to stay away from big themes. A subtle wedding gift table decoration may suit you better. If this is the case, consider including a nice table with letter decorations that spell out the first letter of your and your fiancé’s names with a heart or “&” in between (i.e., C <3 A). You can also include a banner or sign that says “gifts”, “cards”, or “thank you”. This will assure that your gift table is simple, classy, and minimalistic.

Gift Card Table

Photo Credit: David’s Bridal

Although a wedding gift table is not a necessity in your wedding, it is both practical and a great way to add a creative spin to your wedding decorations. Whether subtle, dominating, or hardly existent, there is a version of a card and gift table that fits any theme.



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