25 Gifs That Describe How You Feel About Wedding Planning

wedding reaction gifs
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No matter how organized you are or how good you are at planning, there will come a time in your wedding planning process where you will feel frustrated or annoyed. During those times, many brides-to-be turn to the internet to vent about their disappointments and problems in the form of a gif. Gifs are animated pictures, typically created from memorable scenes from popular TV shows or movies. These images can be quite accurate in describing your feelings, making them the perfect thing to share on wedding forums, social media or with your friends. We’ve compiled 25 of our favorite gifs that perfectly describe how you’re feeling during your wedding planning journey.

1. When you meet another recently engaged bride-to-be and instantly bond over every single detail about your weddings.

wedding planning best friends

Photo Credit: Stepbrothers


2. When you find out your dream venue is available on your wedding date – at a discount.

Ron Swanson excited dancing

Photo Credit: Parks and Recreation


3. You successfully negotiate a great package and deal with your wedding photographer.

wedding planning gifs

Photo Credit: The Big Bang Theory


4. When you hear for the thousandth time that it’s not a “real wedding” unless you include a certain tradition.

Clueless wedding gif

Photo Credit: Clueless


5. When you realize you’ve seriously gone over your budget.

wedding reaction gifs

Photo Credit: SNL


6. How you feel when you cross something huge off your to do list.

happy dance

Photo Credit: Toddlers and Tiaras


7. What you want to do when you find out all of your first choice vendors are already booked for your wedding date.

wedding planning frustrations

Photo Credit: The Social Network


8. What you want to say when your future in laws are constantly voicing their opinions on every single thing you do.

wedding planning complaints

Photo Credit: The Heat


9. When your best friend tells you she can’t be your maid of honor because she’s going on vacation that month.

reaction gifs

Photo Credit: Harry Potter


10. Your reaction when you realize you’re terribly behind on your wedding planning task list.

funny wedding gifs

Photo Credit: The Big Bang Theory


11. When you finally realize and accept the fact that everything that is in your dream wedding is outrageously expensive.

help me I'm poor

Photo Credit: Bridesmaids


12. How you feel when you discover that the vendor contracts you signed are missing a bunch of things that you need for your wedding day.

bad wedding decisions

Photo Credit: Friends


13. It’s dangerously close to your wedding day and you’re still missing over half of your guests’ RSVPs.

hate wedding planning

Photo Credit: The West Wing


14. It’s coming down to the final weeks and you’re totally overwhelmed by the stress and pressure.

planning a wedding reaction

Photo Credit: The Little Mermaid


15. When your friends ask if they can bring a plus one after you’ve already finalized the seating chart and budget.

stressed about wedding planning

Photo Credit: The Tonight Show


16. How you feel when you’ve single-handedly planned almost your entire wedding and your fiancé barely acknowledges it.

wedding planning success

Photo Credit: How I Met Your Mother


17. When your partner wants to put something on your wedding gift registry that would clearly be only for him.

wedding gifs

Photo Credit: Iron Man


18. You’re in a meeting with your wedding planner and she insists that eggshell is a much easier shade to pair with than ivory, Bavarian cream, floral white or snow.

crazy wedding planning

Photo Credit: Zoolander


19. When you run into a distant family member or friend that you haven’t talked to in years and they expect an invite to the wedding.

wedding gif

Photo Credit: Friends


20. After your third failed attempt at making those pretty DIY centerpieces.

DIY wedding fail

Photo Credit: The Tonight Show


21. When all of your engaged friends are booking their ideal wedding vendors and you haven’t heard back from any of yours.

it isn't fair wedding gif

Photo Credit: Love and Other Drugs


22. How you feel when you get to taste all the different wedding cake flavors and reception menus.

cake tasting gif

Photo Credit: Easy A


23. When someone really important in your wedding cancels last minute.

wedding planning anger

Photo Credit: Hercules


24. When you buy a wedding dress that is too small with the intention of losing weight before your big day.

Anchorman gif

Photo Credit: Anchorman


25. When all the pieces fall into place and your dream wedding is about to come true.

funny reaction gifs

Photo Credit: 30 Rock

No matter what might come your way when you are planning your wedding, there is a gif to describe it and plenty of other brides-to-be out there that can totally relate. Remember not to get too caught up with minor disappointments and to congratulate yourself whenever you do accomplish something on your to do list. Wedding planning can be a long and difficult process, but whenever you hit a bump in the road it’s important to keep in mind that at the end of it all, you’ll be marrying your best friend on the happiest day of your lives.

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