Trash the Dress: A Perfectly Messy Photo Shoot

Trash the dress paint

You spend a long time picking out the perfect wedding dress, which means you’re going to do everything necessary in order to preserve it’s perfection. But what if perfection didn’t mean flawless?

Couples are taking their wedding photo shoots to a whole new level with “trash the dress” (also sometimes referred to as “rock the frock”)—a style of wedding photography that botches the traditional elegant style… and the dress itself! The unique and fearless approach brings the couple’s beautiful look into an unexpected setting and captures as they intentionally ruin the dress by getting it dirty or drenched. Some even choose to destroy or tear the dress entirely. While this style of wedding photography definitely takes a lot of bravery, it also produces incredible shots. The following are beautiful Trash the Dress photographs.

Trash the dress photography

Photo Credit: Jeff Cooke Photography

With Trash the Dress photography, it’s important to find a photographer that you trust and that is experienced in this style of photo shoots. If you are traveling for your shoots (or choose to take them on your honeymoon), research the best photographers in the area.

Rock the Frock

Photo Credit: Riveria Maya Photography

Once the bride has chosen the right photographer to capture this adventurous shoot, they discuss just how much the want to destroy the dress. Some brides prefer playing around with the creative idea but still maintaining the original beauty of their dress…

Trash the dress photos

Photo Credit: Christina Gressianu Photography

…While others decide to plunge all the way in to the fun.

Trash the dress bride

Photo Credit: Eric Limon Photography

Trash the dress couple

Photo Credit: Sarah Tamagni Photography

rash the dress wedding photography

Photo Credit: Erika Tanith Photography

The photo shoot gives the bride an opportunity to let go of all of the wedding stress and just have fun with her spouse-to-be.

Trash the dress wedding

Photo Credit: Jennica Hookstra Photography

Trash the dress wine

Photo Credit: Jag Studios

There are all sorts of ways a bride can choose to trash her dress, including paint, mud, wine, fire, wedding cake and a swim. If you’re nervous but intrigued, you can dip your toes in by researching what kinds of shoots other brides have done.

Trash the dress ideas

Photo Credit: Riviera Maya Photography

If you love the idea but aren’t willing to or can’t afford to sacrifice your wedding dress, consider buying a more affordable pre-owned dress or even a formal white dress that is not necessarily intended for weddings. This will allow you enjoy your Trash the Dress photo shoot while preserving your wedding dress in it’s original form.

Trash the dress cake

Photo Credit: Danniel McKnight Photography

However, some brides feel that this “destroyed” version of their dress is exactly what makes it the perfect special wedding dress.

Trash the dress paint

Photo Credit: Josh Deaton Photography

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