How To Pee In A Wedding Dress

how to use bathroom in wedding dress

Your wedding day can feel like a dream and a fairytale, but there are certain realities that you will be unable to avoid. The biggest one of all: at some point you will have to use the restroom. You’ll most likely have to use the bathroom multiple times throughout the day while you are wearing your big, heavy, beautiful princess wedding gown.  Even if you aren’t forced to use a tiny stall, it’s still very difficult to pee without dirtying or ruining your gorgeous wedding dress. Don’t worry – that’s where your bridesmaids and maid of honor come in. Here’s how to pee while wearing your wedding dress.

1. Check for cleanliness

Before entering the bathroom, especially if it’s a public or shared one, have one of your entourage check that the floor is clean. Regardless of how long your train is, it’s important that the floor is clean in case your gown drags a bit. Trust us – there’s nothing worse than staining your precious wedding gown with mysterious bathroom germs. If it doesn’t look clean, call the venue staff and ask to have it cleaned before using it.

2. Use the buddy system

Always go to the restroom with at least one of your bridesmaids or maid of honor. Sure, you may be perpetuating the stereotype that women always have to go to the ladies’ room in groups, but it’s super important that you have at least one extra pair of hands to help you lift your dress and keep it from coming into contact with anything that might not be very clean. Ideally you will have one pair of hands lifting the left side of your dress and another lifting the right side. Having your bridesmaids in the stall with you may be uncomfortable at first, but remember that you chose them to be by your side because they are your closest girlfriends and you can do anything together.

how to use bathroom in wedding dress

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3. Choose the handicap stall

The handicap stall in shared bathrooms is always the largest. Not only will you have extra space to ensure that you, your gown and your helpers don’t have to lean against any walls, but there are bars mounted to the wall that you can use to steady yourself and pull yourself up. Of course, if you have a private restroom or a single occupancy bathroom, you won’t have to worry about choosing the biggest stall.

4. Face the wall

Some brides might find it easier to pee while facing the wall. Yes, that is exact opposite of everything you ever thought you knew, but this way the back and train of your gown will be away from the toilet. It may also be helpful for you to lean forward against the back of the toilet to balance the weight of your dress. This will also prevent you from accidentally peeing on your dress if you drop the front part of it. Removing your underwear entirely (instead of just pulling it down) will also facilitate this process.

how to pee in a wedding dress

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5. Schedule bathroom breaks

Sometimes the best way to use the bathroom as the blushing bride is to have designated times to use the restroom. Before and after the ceremony, after the toasts, after dinner and before you all start drinking and enjoying the party are all good times to schedule trips to the restroom. Expect each round to take about 15 minutes, or, if you realize that you’re better off removing your dress entirely while you pee, about 25 minutes.

how to use bathroom in gown

Photo Credit: Michael Schuhmann

Using the bathroom is a totally natural and unavoidable occurrence on your wedding day. Prepare by informing your bridesmaids that you will need their assistance and that they should expect to be in close proximity to you during these times. Make sure someone will be able to help you take your dress off in case you find that it’s easier to pee without it on. Most importantly, don’t dehydrate yourself in hopes of avoiding having to pee! Your bridesmaids and maid of honor are there to support you through everything, including the bathroom.

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