Top 5 Best Wedding Photographer Directories

#1 SnapKnot

SnapKnot is a fairly new company, founded in 2010, that took the wedding industry by storm.  Its founders were new to the wedding and photography industry and they used their inexperience to their advantage.  They created a site where brides could compare photographers, prices, and skill sets without having to visit multiple sites; this made SnapKnot incredibly more efficient and user friendly than its competitors. Brides can search potential wedding photographers based on locations and budget; they can also rank photographers and start private discussions with them to discuss availability and services in detail!


SnapKnot allows photographers to showcase their works and become better renowned as a wedding photographer. A photographers’ SnapKnot account provides sample photos of their best works, videography skills, and company details that briefly discuss their services. SnapKnot was designed not only to help the average bride’s plight; it was also designed to help photographers increase their business and profits, by increasing their clientele. Use SnapKnot’s free mobile app on your smartphone and have access to thousands of professional photographers wherever you go!


#2 The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is one of the most exclusive organizations for professional wedding photographers.  The ISPWP doesn’t let just any photographer into their society; photographers must earn their way in and have a minimum of 50 weddings photographed before applying! The ISPWP ensures that their listed photographers have a plethora of experience and only produce the highest quality of work for all their clients. Brides to be often use this site to access some of the most world renowned photographers in their area. You also have access to a photographer’s previously photographed weddings; this way you’ll be able to discern which photographer’s style best suits your own!


#3 Wedding Photo Love By Wedding Lovely

Wedding Photo Love is an online wedding photographer directory that allows you to view some of the most well renowned Wedding Photographers nationwide. Their goals are to ensure that couples have an easier time trying to find a photographer that fits their needs.  Couple’s create an account with specified budget limits and style expectations; Wedding Photo Love then creates a list of photographer’s near your specified location that fit both your budgetary and creativity needs! All profiles for both couples and photographers are free; but they also has advanced profiles for photographers who wish to showcase a wider variety of their works.


#4 Fearless Photographers

Fearless Photographers is an online directory of over 2500 of the nation’s brightest and boldest wedding photographers. This online wedding photographer directory is different than most in that their photographers are considered daring and unafraid to push the limits. This website is conducive to wedding photographer’s with rare perspectives because it specifically targets couples who also have unconventional ideas for their wedding!  Couples who are looking for unique and unorthodox photographers would have no trouble locating one with this website.  After indicating the region in which your wedding will be, Fearless Photography will rank photographers in that area for you by “Most Fearless;” this way you’ll immediately see the most daring of photographers!


#5 WedFog

WedFog is a wedding photography community open only to professional photographers who are members of the Digital Wedding Forum.  Still this online directory has a community of thousands of wedding photographers worldwide and over 2 millions topics covering the arts and business of wedding photography! Their goal is to ease couples’ struggles when searching for a wedding photographer and planning their wedding. WedFog helps couple’s choose the most suitable photographer for them by showing providing tips and articles written by various professional photographers! They also have a Q&A area where couples can ask questions and have them answered by real professional photographers as well.  This site not only provides you with a list of well renowned photographers worldwide, but also with tips on how to choose the right one for you!


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