Best iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning

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The days of traditional wedding planning may not be gone, but for those who want a more technologically advanced way of planning the big day, wedding applications are available to help you do just that. Decades ago, wedding apps seemed impossible, but today, they are very much possible, and there are many apps available to Smartphone users. You can make a call, watch television and films, listen to music, order food or clothing, check your email, post to your favorite social media website, and plan a wedding all from your iPhone. There are wedding apps that can help you plan the reception and ceremony, structure your guest list, and every other aspect of your wedding day. Although there are many wedding apps available, here are some of the best iPhone apps that countless couples have used to plan their big day.

iWedding App

When you want to plan your wedding like a pro, the iWedding App should be at the top of your list. This app allows you to plan every detail of your wedding, and you can track the progress of your wedding from your phone. Manage your guest list, check to see if you are within budget, and manage all of your wedding activities like a pro with the iWedding App.

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Wedding Planning Complete

Making sure you have everything complete before your big day is important, which is why the Wedding Planning Complete iPhone app is a perfect choice for couples to use. The wedding countdown this app provides will help you keep track of your budget, as well as your wedding checklist. It will alert you when a task is complete, and it lets you know which tasks need to be handled. There is also a tool to help you keep your guest list in order.

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Wedding Dress Look Book

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day is important, and there is an app that helps you do just that. Wedding Dress Look Book can be downloaded to your iPhone, and you can begin searching for the best wedding dress styles and trends. You can even discover where you can try these beautiful dresses on near you! Pair your dream dress with the perfect accessories, and save your favorites so you can show off later.

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Wedding Gawker

Use the Wedding Gawker app to find ideas for your wedding. The photo gallery allows you to visually search wedding ideas. The images available in the gallery have been submitted by wedding bloggers from around the world. The editors of the app only choose images of the highest quality. Once you choose the ideas pertaining to décor, wedding venues, the wedding cake, photo ideas, and more, you can save the photo to your favorite screen; this allows you to go back and look at the photos when it is time to choose. You can share the ideas with your partner, as well as family and friends.

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Wilton Cake Ideas & More

Choosing a cake for your wedding can be one of the most important tasks; however, knowing where to start can be difficult. Thanks to the Wilton Cake Ideas & More iPhone app, you can find a variety of ideas. If you or your friends want to make the cake for your wedding day, this app will not only provide you with the inspiration to do so, but you will be given instructions on how to make some incredible treats. You can also purchase the products necessary to make the cakes and other amazing treats. Simply use your iPhone or iPad to browse through the thousands of easy-to-make wedding cakes and sweet treats.

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The wedding dress, cake, venue, and décor are all important, but the jewelry is equally important to most brides and some grooms. The BlingFinder app gives you the opportunity to find the perfect wedding bands, as well as jewelry that the entire wedding party can wear on the big day. There are more than 3,000 pieces of jewelry featured on this app, giving each individual something that suits their style.

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If you are just starting to plan your wedding, but have no idea where to begin, WeddingHappy is the perfect wedding planning iPhone app to use. This app will help take some of the stress away, and help you stay organized throughout the entire wedding planning process. You can build a customized schedule with this app. This application offers you contact integration, as well as vendor management. If the wedding date changes, this app will adjust all of your due dates to the new wedding date. It is truly a lifesaver!

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Planning your wedding day does not have to be overwhelming, thanks to the many iPhone apps available. You can use the free apps for ideas, to create schedules, find tools and items, and to stay organized, by simply using your Smartphone. Download these apps today and begin planning your wedding like a true professional!


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