15 Creative Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

unique puzzle wedding guest book

A wedding guest book is a lovely memento from your wedding day. It contains the messages and sentiments of your loved ones wishing you happiness, luck and endless joy for your marriage. Although a traditional guest book is a nice keepsake, there are many fun alternatives that let you and your partner’s personalities shine while providing an interactive activity for your guests to partake in.

Here are 15 of the most creative and unique wedding guest book alternatives that we love.

1. Board games

If you and your partner are board game junkies, what better way to commemorate your wedding day than with a Jenga or Scrabble themed guest book? Have your guests sign individual Jenga blocks so that you can put together your own custom Jenga set. You’ll be reminded of all the lovely sentiments your guests shared on your joyous day every time you play the game. If you’re more of a Scrabble couple, have your guests sign a scrabble board with your names spelled out with the tiles!

Jenga wedding guest book alternatives

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Scrabble wedding guest book alternatives

Photo Credit: Runway Chef


2. Thumbprint art

We love the idea of thumbprint art as a wedding guest book alternative. Have your guests dip their thumbs into different colored paints and add their thumbprints to your image of choice! This is the perfect interactive guest book idea that results in a special and beautiful piece of art that you can hang on your wall as a memento of the wonderful day. You can have your guests sign their names on their thumbprints so you can keep track of each one.

thumbprint art wedding guest book

Photo Credit: Etsy

thumbprint wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Etsy


3. Quilt

A guest book quilt is both creative and practical! Have your guests sign and decorate individual squares of fabric for you to take home and sew together into a cozy quilt. This will require preparation and craftsmanship on your end, so if you’re handy with a sewing machine and fabric swatches then this is a great guest book alternative for you.

wedding guest book quilt

Photo Credit: A Smith Of All Trades

wedding guest book alternatives quilt

Photo Credit: Yellow Suitcase Studio


4. Champagne or wine bottle

Many couples choose to save a bottle of their wedding wine or champagne to be drunk on a special anniversary, such as their first or tenth anniversary. So, why not have your guests sign this bottle as a guest book? When you finally do drink the wine you can read through all the messages once more and be reminded of all the fantastic memories of the day.

wine bottle wedding guest book

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wine bottle guest book wedding anniversary

Photo Credit: Jennifer Bergman Weddings


5. Puzzle pieces

You’ve found your missing puzzle piece, so why not have a puzzle be your wedding guest book? Guests can sign individual puzzle pieces that come together to create a whole. You can keep the pieces in a box to be put together whenever you want, or frame the finished product and hang it on your wall to admire every day.

puzzle pieces wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Tailored Engagements

unique puzzle wedding guest book

Photo Credit: Crafty Smiths


6. Guest libs

We all loved Mad Libs when we were kids, and what better way to have your wedding guests offer marriage advice than with a fun guest libs guest book? There are plenty of free downloadable templates online for you to choose from. Your guests can fill in the blanks to offer advice and wisdom as well as extend their congratulations and happiness to you in a silly and fun format.

wedding guest libs

Photo Credit: Love Wed Bliss

Mad Libs wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Glendalough Manor Bride


7. Framed messages

Have your guests sign little slips of paper cut out in cute shapes for you to later arrange in a beautiful way to frame and display in your home. This guest book idea is very versatile and can be adapted to fit any personality type. Simple paper hearts are a classic and beautiful design, or get creative with other shapes such as balloons. The possibilities are endless with this guest book alternative.

framed hearts art wedding guest book

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framed art balloons wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Lines Across


8. Polaroid photos

Another fun guest book alternative is having your guests take Polaroid photos of themselves in a photo booth format. This will encourage your guests to be silly and it’s a great memory of how happy all your guests were on your big day. Hang a clothesline with slips of paper with each guest’s name on each one so that they can find their names and replace it with a Polaroid photo of themselves. Or, have your guests place their photos into a basic photo book with a nice message. You’ll need to provide the Polaroid cameras, plenty of film and some fun props.

hanging Polaroid wedding guest book idea

Photo Credit: Occasions Online

Polaroid wedding guest book

Photo Credit: Pinterest


9. Pinata

Bring out your inner child by having a piñata as your guest book! Your guests will each write a message and insert it into the piñata, which you’ll smash open either later that night to end the reception or on your one year anniversary.

anniversary pinata wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Weddbook

wedding pinata guest book

Photo Credit: Weddbook


10. Signed monograms

Buy wooden letters and symbols to serve as your wedding day guest book. These monograms will later become beautiful and nostalgic décor for your home. They look great as bookends or by themselves on shelves, or even mounted on a wall!

ampersand wooden monogram wedding guest book

Photo Credit: Lines Across

signed wedding guest book monogram letter

Photo Credit: Wedding Cuts


11. Date jar

Instead of having your guests write out their congratulations and well wishes for you, have them put down an idea for a fun date and put it into a decorated “date jar.” Whenever you and your spouse need an idea for a date, simply pull one out of the jar!

date jar wedding guest book alternatives

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise

date jar wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Strangely Yours


12. Wishing stones

Another creative decorative guest book idea is wishing stones. Your guests can each sign a stone or pebble with their well wishes and advice and after the wedding you can use them to decorate your garden, or keep them in a glass vase to put on display.

wishing stones wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee

wish stones wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Style Unveiled


13. Oars

If you’re having a nautical-themed wedding, what better guest book alternative is there than a pair of oars? Guests can leave their messages on the paddles which you can later hang up in your home to admire forever.

nautical themed wedding oar guest book idea

Photo Credit: C.R.A.F.T.

paddles nautical wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest


14. Guitar

For those musically-inclined, a guitar is a perfect wedding day guest book alternative. There’s plenty of surface area for your guests to write their messages on an acoustic guitar, and it’ll make any guitar completely priceless.

guitar wedding guest book alternative

Photo Credit: Rockin Out DJ Service

wedding guest book ideas guitar

Photo Credit: Lucky Heart Events


15. Ornaments

Ornaments are a guest book idea that double as a practical wedding gift! Provide any type of ornament you like for your guests to sign and leave their messages on. Then, use them to decorate your house or Christmas tree when the time comes. This is also the ideal guest book idea for those having a wintertime wedding.

wedding guest book idea Christmas ornaments

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide

Christmas ornaments wedding guest book ideas

Photo Credit: Brian Mullins Photography

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