Binge Watch These 5 Wedding Shows on Netflix Today

Netflix is one of the greatest inventions in the past decade, with Netflix streaming revolutionizing the way we watch TV. Not only does it provide endless hours of entertainment, it gives us the chance to binge watch our favorite programs to our hearts’ content. When you’re planning your dream wedding, it can be very therapeutic and entertaining to indulge in wedding-related TV shows. You can relate to all of the brides featured on the show and their experiences planning a wedding. If you’re ready to begin your binge watching marathon, start with these 5 wedding TV shows that are available on Netflix now.

My Fair Wedding

Celebrity wedding guru David Tutera has taken his expertise in the wedding industry and combined it with reality television heaven. My Fair Wedding features brides-to-be who wish to have Tutera’s guidance and help in planning the perfect wedding. Tutera comes into the wedding planning process with just three weeks until the big day and tells the bride that everything that she’s planned thus far will be scrapped, and he’ll be the one running the show for the next 21 days. Although many brides may be totally appalled at the idea of someone coming in just a few short weeks before the wedding day and changing everything, they’re willing to trust this mastermind with the most important day of their lives.

With just season 5 available on Netflix, you can indulge in 15 straight episodes of My Fair Wedding. You’ll be able to laugh and cry along with all these brides and wonder what your wedding would be like if someone as influential as David Tutera came in and revamped your entire wedding for you.

reality TV shows My Fair Wedding

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We’ve all heard the term “bridezilla” before, and this reality TV series showcases the ultimate Bridezillas who are currently planning their dream weddings. Each episode presents stories of two different brides-to-be, from how they met their grooms-to-be to the events leading up to the big day. As the wedding planning process moves along, the bridezillas are shown interacting with members of their families, their grooms, the wedding party and the wedding vendors. Typically, each woman featured on the show is portrayed as an uncontrollable, mean, overly emotional and generally crazy person who is determined to get exactly what she wants for her wedding day.

This is one of those reality TV shows that you can watch during your own wedding planning journey to keep you grounded, as each bridezilla’s experiences will offer some reassurance and comfort as you know that you haven’t quite reached that level yet. Watch two full seasons of Bridezillas on Netflix and feel a sense of encouragement in your own wedding planning.

wedding TV shows Bridezillas

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Marriage Boot Camp

What do you get when you put five bridezillas and their husbands in the same house? Marriage Boot Camp  puts five couples whose marriages are going down a destructive path in one house to attend a two-weeklong boot camp run by four marriage counselors. This intensive program puts each couple through a series of exercises and drills designed to hone in on what’s really causing their marital problems. As you follow the couples through this intense journey, we discover whether or not their marriages are really worth saving.

This is an ultimate guilty pleasure show that offers a winning combination of entertainment and reassurance about your own relationship. Sometimes the wedding planning process can get a little hectic and you may lose sight of what’s important: you’re marrying the love of your life. Marriage Boot Camp demonstrates the extremes of marriage and will help keep you grounded when things get crazy as you plan your big day. Watch all ten episodes of the first season during your next Netflix marathon!

wedding TV shows Marriage Boot Camp

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When you’re getting ready for a day as important and well-documented as your wedding day, it’s natural to feel as though you’d like to tone up and get in better shape for the big day. Bridalplasty takes this notion to a whole new level, with brides competing to win both the wedding of their dreams and the plastic surgery procedure of their dreams. Every week the contestants compete in a challenge, ranging from lie detector tests to wedding dress competitions. The winner of each challenge receives a surgery from their procedure “wish list,” and the winner of the entire series also receives her dream wedding.

The entire concept of this show is strangely enthralling and offensive at the same time. Although it only lasted for one season, you can binge watch all 10 episodes to your heart’s content. We promise we won’t judge you if you do.

wedding TV shows Bridalplasty

Photo Credit: A Bride on a Budget

Cupcake Wars

Most brides would agree that one of the best parts of wedding planning is the food and cake tasting. Cupcake Wars is a reality competition show with a prize of $10,000. Four teams comprised of a chef and a sous-chef compete to create the most unique, most delicious and most beautiful cupcakes for a chance to win the grand prize. The first round is focused on taste, with contestants having to create a cupcake with unusual ingredients such as oysters, basil or champagne. The second round is based on both taste and presentation, allowing contestants to flaunt their creativity. The third and final round involves the remaining contestants having to create improved versions of the four cupcakes they made in the previous two rounds and display them in an elaborate manner.

Enjoy all 25 episodes of a single season of Cupcake Wars during your Netflix marathon. You’ll be inspired and in awe of all the fantastic creations the contestants come up with, especially under pressure. You might even discover your new favorite cupcake flavor to include in your wedding dessert table!

wedding TV shows Cupcake Wars

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Binge-watching TV shows on Netflix is one of the greatest guilty pleasures, especially when you’ve got such enticing and interesting programs in your queue. No matter what type of reality TV you like, there’s a wedding show out there for you. If you’re in the midst of planning your dream wedding or simply looking for a new show to watch, these five wedding TV shows will inspire you and keep you entertained and grounded throughout the process.

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