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Jessica Sparks Photography is available for hire in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Leading a full life as a wife, friend, daughter, dog mom, and as full-time registered nurse. Over the last year, she has developed a talent for creating unique experiences to capture your best day.

Jessica Sparks Photography is available for hire within Northeast Ohio and beyond through a remote-friendly basis.


Cheyenne: “”You are amazing Jess! I could cry! They’re so beautiful! I love you, they are so gorgeous! I will absolutely be using you in the future. Also, thank you for editing so quickly, we will for sure be recommending you.””
Andrew: “”Thank you for doing such an amazing job. It’s fun when you work with someone who is kind of like you are hanging out instead of it being just business. Makes the experience way better.


Wedding Photography


Northeast Ohio and beyond

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Northeast Ohio and beyond

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