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DSmithImages is led by the talented, easily communicable David Smith. His photography service is based in Birmingham but is willing to travel nationwide to him – especially in Austin, Estes Park, Los Angeles, Boca Raton, Cannon Beach, and Atlanta. Every wedding is different”, a professional motto that David understands to cater to your wedding.He even offers personalized quotes for your situation.

“David was an amazing photographer for my wedding this June. Right from the get-go, he was very easy to communicate with (me). He responded quickly and with honest answers to the many questions I asked him. It took me forever to solidify my photographer choice and not once did he pressure me or do anything other than be patient while I made this decision.”}



Wedding Photography



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Based in Birmingham + willing to travel nationwide. Atlanta, Georgia, United States – Boca Raton, Florida, United States – Palm Springs, California, United States – Cannon Beach, Oregon, United States – Seattle, Washington, United States – Austin, Texas, United States – Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States – Estes Park, Colorado, United States – Los Angeles, California, United States – Birmingham, Alabama, United States

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