Choosing Our Wedding Flowers by Amber Normand

artificial wedding flowers

When I started thinking about which wedding flowers my fiancé and I would have for our wedding, the first flower that popped into my head were hydrangeas. I scanned Pinterest, of course, and came across beautiful hydrangea wedding bouquets that made me drool. Even though we are having a fall wedding, I didn’t want to just go with the typical fall flowers. I wanted to be different. Hydrangeas are different, right? I remember beautiful hydrangeas overflowing out of flower beds in my grandmother’s yard and by having those, it would bring back memories. I consulted my florist and she said that hydrangeas would be very expensive, so having those was a definite no. At that point I didn’t know which flowers to pick. Dahlias? Sunflowers? She gave me several options during our consultation and I wanted something different and beautiful. I then decided to settle on roses for the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. I do love roses and my fiancé has sent them to me often, so they are of special significance. We did not want to go over the top with flowers because of how costly they can become. Although flowers are beautiful, they don’t last forever and I couldn’t grasp spending $1,000+ on flowers that would be dead in three days. This would be the more budget friendly way to go, along with having an elegant look.

My wedding bouquet will consist of two dozen white roses, with little rhinestones here and there. It will be wrapped with white ribbon around the stems and my late grandmother’s rosary will be intertwined. For my bridesmaids, I chose to also do white roses, but with greenery as filler. The bridesmaid’s bouquets will be tied with apple green ribbon. My fiancé’s boutonniere will be a little different than the others with boutonnieres so that he will stand out, but his will be a white rose. Father’s and groomsmen will have white spray rose boutonnieres. Our adorable flower girl will have artificial rose petals in her basket. I thought that this would also be a more budget friendly way to go, because in my opinion having real rose petals for her to throw is a waste. As mentioned in a previous post, our centerpieces will have artificial hydrangeas on top of each vase. At first I wasn’t sure about how I would feel about the whole mixture of roses and hydrangeas, but I thought to myself, “Who will even be looking at that?!” This will give us that hydrangea look without breaking the bank!

I love how crafty my mom is and how she can turn something ordinary into something beautiful. A while back she’d picked up some small bundles of white roses from the Dollar Tree (yep, the Dollar Tree!), in the wedding section. We’d forgotten what we were going to use them all for, so I mentioned to her that I still needed a bouquet for my bridal pictures. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a few of those bundles and working her magic. After adding her own special touches and some rhinestones, I must say, I was quite floored when she brought my bouquet to me! It is much more than I expected and will be gorgeous on picture day! My mom will also be making my toss bouquet for our wedding reception. The toss bouquet will be similar to my bridal picture bouquet, just a little small. I wanted something artificial, so that the girl who gets it has something to keep, rather than having to “toss” it away in a few days.

I can’t wait to see how all of the bouquets turn out. I get a little more excited each day!

artificial wedding bouquet

The artificial hydrangeas that will be placed on top of each vase for our centerpieces

wedding floral arrangement

wedding flower craft

artificial wedding flowers

making wedding flowers

The beautiful bridal picture bouquet that my mom made for me. She’s so talented!

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