Working With Your BrideBox Project

Let’s start working on our project. Below are some important basic aspects of our software that you should know before uploading your pictures and getting started.


Once selected a project to work on, the main area will switch to project view.

We use the word project to describe a product you plan to create. This is where you will create your BrideBox wedding album.

The project area on the right shows all projects that were created and saved in the system. The button on the left of the project area allows you to perform the desired task on the selected project.


Working with Projects

The project area on the right shows all the projects that were created and saved into the system. The buttons on the left of the project area allow you to perform the desired task on the selected project.

Use the Create New to start a new project


Use Open to open the selected project. You can also double-click the project to open it.


Use Import to import a previously exported project. You can use it to backup your projects or to move it between machines.


Use Delete to delete the selected project.

Creating a New Project

To create a new project, start by selecting your product on the left and click the “Create new” button. This will open up the new project wizard. The wizard steps might vary based on the project you have chosen. Follow the wizard steps to create a new project.

The new photo album wizard screen will then appear:

Select the album type and size and click on the “New Album Wizard” button:



The wizard will walk you through selecting a specific template for your album, adding photos for use in project, arrange photos for use in project, and creating the project skeleton for you. Once done, you can drag your images to the image frames, further edit your albums (add captions, rearrange images, add or remove background images, etc.). Once done and satisfied with your result, you can order the album.

Following these steps is the fastest way to create your project. You will also be able to start an empty project, leaving all the design work to be done by you rather than following a template, by selecting the “Design It Yourself” template.

Either way, after you complete the project Wizard, you will be taken to your project workplace. Here, you can edit the project using the project specific tools.

Multiple Project Windows

Want to work on multiple projects at once? No problem. You can switch up between projects by using the “Open Projects” tray located on the bottom left corner of the program window or the project menu located in the menu bar.

Exporting and Importing

Projects are managed and saved in the application database. You can export projects as a stand alone package for backup purposes. You can later import those packages back into the application.






To import a package, click the Import package button and follow the import package wizard.

To export a package, select the project desired and click on the Export button. Follow the export wizard tool. The package will then be saved on your hard drive as a dlp package.

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