9 Décor Ideas for Wine Lovers

Wine Bottle Wedding Decorations

Weddings are all about celebrating your love. While that generally means the love you and your fiancé share with one another, if the two of you also share a deep love for wine, we don’t see a reason not to embed that into your wedding as well! Trendy wedding themes are constantly changing, so why not make it your own by bringing in something you both enjoy? Here are the nine best wedding décor ideas for wine lovers.

Customized Wine Bottles

Since you’ve embraced your unique wedding theme, you might as well make it completely your own. Decorate the reception tables or gift table with customized wine bottles that have your names and the date of your wedding printed on them.

Wedding Reception Ideas

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There are so many ways to create beautiful centerpieces and your wedding theme is the perfect deciding factor for what type of centerpiece to go with. You can create a wine crate or individual elegant wine bottles for each table. You can decorate the bottle with yarn, paint, flowers or keep it bare. It’s also an option to combine any of the ideas on this list for a creative centerpiece.

Wine Bottle Wedding Theme

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Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

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Creative Guest Book

Your guest book can either turn out to be something you read through once and then set aside for the rest of your marriage or it can become a sentimental piece of your wedding that you revisit every once in a while. What determines which it will be? Whether you’re likely to look through your guest book again after the first time depends on what the guests signed and what you did with it after. There are many ways to get creative with your wedding guest book and for wine lovers, the solution is easy. You may have guessed it by now… wine bottles! Put out several wine bottles with glass-friendly markers (in colors that will show up). These bottles will later make for great home displays or even better, wedding anniversary treats.

Wine Lover Wedding Ideas

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Wine Favors

Wedding favors are by no means a must although some couples—particularly those hosting destination or small, intimate weddings—choose to give out pieces of memorabilia to their guests. If you and your fiancé are considering party favors, give your guests the same thing you would love to receive: wine!

Wine Themed Wedding Decorations

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Cork Place Cards

If you’re looking for DIY wedding decoration ideas, consider place cards. These are a great way to personally create something that your guests are sure to notice. To incorporate your love for wine into this creative task, make cork place cards for your guests that they can take home with them at the end of the reception if they choose.

Vintage Wedding Ideas

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Light Capturing Bottles

Just like the many ways in which mason jars can be versatile for decorations, wine bottles too can be used creatively. One romantic way for wine bottles to be incorporated into wedding décor is through lighting. Either by placing small candles at the bottom of wine bottles, long candles at the top of the bottles or wireless lights within the bottles, having the light creatively placed in glass will create a romantic feel. You can also place bottles over hanging lights… just be sure they are firmly placed so that they won’t fall!

Creative Wine Themed Wedding Decor

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Flower Vases

Most brides will tell you that flowers are great for decorating your venue so why not combine the classic décor idea with your love for wine? Use empty wine bottles as flower vases and place them around your wedding venue. You can choose to use bare wine bottles, paint them, or use customized labels.

Wine Bottle Wedding Decorations

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Wine Popsicles

There are some important things to know about having an outdoors wedding and possibly the most important is that you must be prepared for extreme weather. If your wedding is taking place in the summer, you must accommodate for the heat, which may include providing shade and beverages. A great way to incorporate wine while remaining thoughtful to your guests’ comfort is through wine popsicles. This will keep your attendees cool while enjoying a yummy snack! We recommend using mostly fruity wines for this sweet treat.

Incorporate Wine Into Wedding

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Cork Boutonnieres

Why not take your wine wedding theme all the way by including it in your attire? Create cork boutonnieres for all the groomsmen to wear. You can take this on as a DIY project or have them done professionally.

Wine Wedding Theme Decor

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If you and your spouse-to-be share a love for wine, we so no reason to not include it in your wedding! Use some or all of these creative ideas to perfect your wine-themed wedding.

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