Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Fun Ways To Pop The Question

be my bridesmaid ideas
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Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is a big deal. Your bridesmaids will be your main support system from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party to the ceremony to the reception. They’ll be there for you through your wedding planning crises, help you find the perfect wedding dress and celebrate with you when you book your dream venue. These women also happen to be your best friends and closest family members, so it makes sense for you to want to do something special when asking them to be in your wedding. We’ve compiled 11 adorable and fun ways to pop the question to your girls.

1. What better way to celebrate your engagement than with balloons and confetti? Conceal a secret message and confetti inside a balloon, provide a safety pin and ask your girls to pop the balloon. They’ll be surprised and ready to celebrate with you!

fun ways to ask your bridesmaids

Photo Credit: The Party Posse


2. Create a fun game for your best girls with this crossword puzzle. The wedding-related clues will indicate to them that you won’t be able to say “I do” without them!

creative be my bridesmaid ideas

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide


3. Nothing’s sweeter than a box of chocolates asking if she’ll be your bridesmaid. You can spell out your request with any of their favorite goodies, such as cupcakes, cookies, macarons and brownies. Bonus points if your treats are homemade!

be my bridesmaid ideas

Photo Credit: Chocolate Says


4. Tell your friends that you’ve got the guy, but you need your girls with these custom wine bottles. Not only do you get to include fun personal photos and anecdotes on the labels, but they’ll love the gift of a bottle of wine! When they say yes, you can enjoy a glass with them and toast to the exciting journey you’re about to begin.

bridesmaid ideas custom wine bottles

Photo Credit: Classic Wedding Design


5. If you know that your girls love coffee, surprise them with their favorite drink and your proposal! They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind your gesture and love the fun spin you put on popping the question.

unique be my bridesmaid ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest


6. Give your girls these custom mason jars that read “Will you be my bridesmaid?” These versatile gifts can be used as drinking glasses, flower vases, storage containers and more! If you’re planning on having a rustic-themed wedding, including mason jars in your bridesmaid proposals is the perfect way to start incorporating the theme.

mason jar bridesmaid ideas

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed


7. Mail in your proposal with a funny card! Promise your girlfriends that there won’t be hideous bridesmaid dresses to get them to say yes. There are plenty of cards with funny messages on the outside, leaving you plenty of room on the inside to write a personal message and include photos if you’d like.

creative ways to ask your bridesmaids

Photo Credit: Pinterest


8. Another funny card with a message they won’t be able to refuse – a promise for all the free champagne they can drink in exchange for being your bridesmaids and maid of honor! Make each card personal with handwritten messages and pictures of the two of you from years past.

funny cards will you be my bridesmaid

Photo Credit: Creative Union Design


9. Confess to your gals that you can’t tie the knot without them. After all, they’ll be the ones standing by your side at the altar. Include a small knot-related item, like a ring, bracelet or necklace to represent your upcoming nuptials.

tie the knot bridal party

Photo Credit: The Party Posse


10. Give each of your bridesmaids a gift box that includes everything they’ll need to prepare to be one of your bridesmaids: instructions for each event, a mini bottle of alcohol, chocolate, jewelry and photos of you. You can personalize each of these boxes to fit each of your individual friendships and relationships.

ask your bridesmaids
Photo Credit: Lauren David Style


11. Bridesmaid poems are a lovely way to express your feelings of gratitude, appreciation and love, so it makes sense to write each of your bridesmaids and your maid of honor a poem. You can write individual poems tailored to each friendship, or write one poem for all of your girls. They won’t be able to say no!

We’ve been through so much
As these years have flown by.
And you’ve been there for me,
(Though not close by) By my side.

 It’s a blast all this planning,
The dresses! The hair!
Though not nearly as fun,
If you were not there.

 So get ready for questions,
For stress and for tears
Which will soon become memories,
We’ll laugh at for years.

 It would mean oh-so much,
It would fill me with pride
If you’ll stand next to me,
The “maid” to my “bride”!

Poem by FourthFireworks via WeddingBee

Whether you choose to send a funny card or shower your ladies with gifts, asking your closest group of girls to be your bridesmaids is a fun and exciting opportunity to express your creativity and start incorporating your wedding’s theme. Asking your bridesmaids and maid of honor to be in your wedding marks the beginning of all the fun and creative things you’ll get to try out in the wedding planning process. With these great ways to pop the question, your girls won’t be able to say no!

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