What every couple needs to do after the wedding

create photo album after wedding

When the wedding day is over and the honeymoon has come to an end, the last thing newly married couples want to do is delve back in to wedding details. To help combat this stress and set the process in motion, BrideBox has compiled a list every bride and groom can consult to efficiently address those post-nuptial necessities, from creating their wedding album to storing the wedding dress.

1. Create your wedding album

Most couples find this process overwhelming due to thousands of photos to sort through and the high dollar amount a photographer charges to create a wedding album. Bridebox allows the happy couple to easily create their own professional looking photo album without a professional price tag. In fact, BrideBox uses the highest quality printers, professional photo paper and binding materials in each album, and offers a range of album styles to reflect the couple’s personality and budget. Also, don’t forget to back-up your photo files. More often than not, digital memories get lost including wedding photos. Storing images on the cloud immediately upon receiving them from the photographer is highly recommended.

create photo album after wedding


2. Start the “Thank you” process

Its a couple of weeks after the honeymoon and some due to the overwhelming nature of having a wedding and honeymoon, some brides tend to forget to send thank you cards to their guests. Proper etiquette suggests that wedding thank-you notes should be in the mail within two months of the big day. To help achieve this deadline, simply set a daily goal, say 10 per day, and mail them out as completed. Some brides like to turn the “Thank you” process of after the wedding into a game to get it done a bit faster and to make it a bit less boring. When it comes down to it, take your time with these thank you cards because your day wouldn’t have been as special without these guests.


send thank you card after wedding


3. Return unwanted gifts in a timely fashion.

Whether it be the blender from Uncle Bob or the additional luggage pieces from your aunts, there are bound to be a lot of unwanted or unneeded wedding gifts. This seems to be one of the hardest parts to get through after the wedding. The first step to getting rid of unwanted wedding gifts is to simply pick a date and just get through the hassle. An interesting piece of advice is that some stores are more lenient with return policies as long as you have your receipt handy. If you do not have your receipt, worse comes to worse, the store will issue the bride a store credit.  Store credits can be used for future purchases and based on the state, may or may not depreciate over time.


4. Changing Your Name After The Wedding.

Based on your arrangement with your partner, if you did take their last name, there are many important documents that need to be updated. Changing your name, updating beneficiaries, tax forms and all the paperwork involved is a daunting task, but is fairly easy. First, Start by obtaining you marriage license, then updating items such as social security, drivers license or state ID card, bank accounts ect. All the forms to update these very important items are obtainable online and just requires a bit of your time to fill out the paperwork.

change name after the wedding


5.Clean and store the wedding gown.

Experts recommend that brides dry-clean their wedding dress no more than six months after the big day. Ask for recommendations to ensure they have experience with wedding dress storage. Once it’s home, store in a cool, dry place – but not the basement due to the possibility of flooding. Also, if a bride were to store their wedding dress in an attic, make sure that it does not get too hot. fluctuation in extreme heat could damage a wedding dress and possibly fade any designs.

preserve dress after wedding



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