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Grand Tikal Futura Hotel

Grand Tikal Futura Hotels has a Guatemala City-based catering service for events, including weddings. If you are interested in a high-tier catering service for your

Celestial Cakery

Celestial Cakery is an award-winning catering service. Their cakes have been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Borrowed & Blue, and Carolina Bride.

Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria’s is a wedding catering service that provides themselves as more than just making another cake. In fact, the bakery features over 20 flavors

The Southern Way

The Southern Way is a South Carolina-based catering service founded by Jimmy Stevenson. With its deep Southern roots, the catering strives to deliver the best

Milan Catering + Event Design

Milan Catering is a Florida-based catering service with 2 offices hosted in Sarasota and St. Petersburg. Founded in 2009, Milan continues to operate as a

Bottles & Ice

Bottles & Ice is a wedding bar service that offers friendly service as they continue to keep your guests entertained. Currently, the wedding bar service

Scandia Bakery Sonoma

Scandia Bakery Sonoma is a catering service that caters to weddings in Sonoma and beyond. The bakery was founded by Kaj Friis, a native from