New Wedding Trend: Boudoir Wedding Photography

wedding trends boudoir photography

Recently a trend has started in the wedding photography business: Boudoir Photography. In many cases, a bride schedules a boudoir photography shoot, so she can present a surprising and unique gift of love and sensuality to her new husband. Conversely, couples are choosing to have a shoot together, as the ultimate demonstration of intimacy and their commitment to one another. Still, not everyone knows exactly what boudoir photography is, what types of packages are available or what they can expect during a typical shoot. However, if this idea of a special gift is intriguing, read further to discover the truth and decide if boudoir photography is a good fit for you.

What Is Boudoir Wedding Photography?

Far from pornography, these tasteful photographs are taken in a style known as ‘implied nude.’ So, basically, while you are generally wearing little or no clothing, you are photographed in such a way that nothing is actually exposed. In many boudoir photographs, the subject will be photographed from an angle that leaves much to the imagination or there will be a prop, such as a fan or piece of furniture preventing a full view.

Wedding Boudoir Photography

Photo Credit: Dallas Boudoir

Planning Your Photography Shoot

While there are certainly photographers who specialize in wedding boudoir photography, more and more wedding photographers are offering the service as part of the full wedding package. Either way, it is best to schedule your session in advance of your wedding, since the wedding day will likely be stressful and busy. Not to mention, the wedding day presents the potential for an unwanted guest, such as your future mother-in-law, to accidentally interrupt your shoot.

Boudoir photography shoots typically last at least a couple of hours, but may go longer depending on the time it takes for your makeover, prop and wardrobe selection. It also takes a considerable amount of time for background and lighting set up and discussion with the photographer, in addition to however long it may take to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

As for the location of your shoot, it is up to you, but your photographer should have some input, as he or she will need the proper place for equipment and ample natural light. Photographers can also usually offer great suggestions: in the photographer’s studio, a classy hotel room or even in your own home are some traditional settings.

wedding trends boudoir photography

Photo Credit: Modern Love Photography

What To Wear?

The main objective of boudoir photography is to capture you feeling sexy, sensual and comfortable. Therefore you should choose your wardrobe carefully. Some basic guidelines that will help include:

  • Do not settle on just one option.

Bring a few different selections of lingerie in different colors and styles.

  • Attention to detail.

Remember your engagement ring, jewelry and accessories, shoes and any other simple additions that will put your photos over the top.

  • It is all about him.

This may sound silly, but the end result is for your new husband, so keep that in mind when choosing what to wear. Does he have a favorite color or something he loves to see you in? Does he swoon when you wear one of his T-shirts? Maybe he goes crazy when you wear your hair up or just to one side of your face; whatever his little preferences may be, try to incorporate them into the shoot. It will make the photographs that much more special.

What To Expect During A Boudoir Photo Shoot

The first thing many women fear is that their shoot will be cold and drafty. However, photographers have your comfort in mind, so they will likely maintain a warm mid 70s climate. Another issue that puzzles people is the thought of undressing in the presence of a stranger. First, remember the photographer is a professional who will not judge or belittle you in any way. In fact, he or she will be able to illuminate positives that you may not even be aware of. Second, do not be shy about drinking champagne; it will relax your nerves and help you have fun with the process. Finally, most people are not accustomed to posing in this fashion, but fear not! Your photographer will not only tell you, but also show you exactly how to position yourself to achieve the best picture.

What Comes In A Standard Boudoir Photography Package?

Although specific packages and prices vary significantly, they all include hair and makeup, wardrobe changes and numerous poses, as well as the advice and expertise of the photographer.

What’s The Difference Between A Private Session And A Couples Session?

The biggest difference is the element of surprise. As a bride, you can plan the entire shoot unbeknownst to your new husband and present him with one of the most personal gifts he could imagine. On the other hand, as a couple, you can learn about one another on a deeper level and have a beautiful memento of your respect, trust, love and commitment. So, after eliminating all of the misconceptions, knowing what you know now would you consider a boudoir photography shoot? Would you choose a private session to give as a gift or a couples session as a fun and exciting way to express your passion and begin your life together?

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