Wedding Reception Centerpieces and Décor by Amber Normand

Wedding favors drink coolers

Whoever invented Pinterest is a genius!  Seriously, I have never come across a “pin” that I didn’t like. I have stayed on Pinterest for hours looking through pins of weddings, to gather some ideas. It can get overwhelming when there are so many ideas!

Table Centerpieces

About a week after my fiancé and I got engaged, I hopped on Pinterest to pick out the perfect wedding colors and theme. I knew that once I’d done this, I would be on a roll. I originally thought about having our wedding colors as black and purple, but I don’t really care for purple all that much, so I decided not to go with that. My favorite color is pink, but I wanted something different. After searching on Pinterest for about thirty minutes, I found the perfect color combination and wedding theme. Our colors are black, white, and apple green is the accent color. The theme of our wedding is “Apple of My Eye.” When I saw this on Pinterest, I immediately fell in love! I had my heart set on those colors and haven’t looked back since.

So what was I going to do for reception décor/centerpieces was the question. Well, thanks to Pinterest again, I found the most awesome centerpiece idea.  Black table runners will be placed on each white table cloth and in the center will be a glass vase atop an octagon shaped mirror. Since our wedding is in September, I decided to put real green apples in the centerpieces to kind of give off a somewhat fall look. Water will be poured over the top of the green apples, in each vase. Sitting on top of each vase will be a faux hydrangea which will have the stem cut off. On each side of the vase will be tea light candles in small candle holders. I think that the mirrors against the black table runners and the candles burning on each side will have an elegant look.

Wedding colors theme

Our wedding colors

 Centerpiece flowers

Here is an idea of what our centerpieces will look like. The table runner will be spread out, of course. The vases will have three green apples in each, as well as water. There will be tea light candles in vases on each side of the centerpiece.


Monograms and Wishing Tree and More

I absolutely love anything monogrammed. Our wedding reception will have monogrammed items with the letter “D”, throughout. Lanterns will also be a huge part of our décor. I love lanterns and think that they will add a nice romantic touch. We will also have small black lanterns spread throughout the reception. Instead of a traditional guest book, we will have a “wishing tree” (thank you again, Pinterest!). We decided to do this, because we thought that it would be a lot more meaningful than a traditional guest book. If you’ve never heard of a wishing tree, it’s basically tree branches in a pot or vase. Each guest writes on a tag (sort of like a gift tag) and hangs it on the tree. They can just write their names, or a well wish for the new couple, which is actually the point. I can’t wait to read all of the nice things that our guests had to say!

Monogram decor

A wooden D that will be used as part of our wedding décor

Wedding decor lanterns

White lanterns for the “Wishing Tree” table. These will each have a candle in them

Wedding favors drink coolers

Wedding favors

Wedding Cake Backdrop

Our wedding cake backdrop will be simple, but elegant. We will be hanging white sheer curtains with white lights behind them. I originally wanted a huge chalkboard as our backdrop with different things written on it, but decided to go with a more elegant look that tied into our other décor.

When I look around my guest bedroom and see boxes and bags of wedding items, it seems like it’s not coming together, but I know that it will in the end!

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