Wedding Planner Wisdom: Everything You Need To Know For Your Wedding



Secrets for Planning a Successful Wedding

It’s almost impossible for everything to go 100% to plan. Once you accept that, you can be prepared and think of how to handle it. But don’t worry, it’s usually something minor. So keep enjoying yourself and don’t let it ruin your wedding day.

Next, Be Nice!

Be extra nice to all your wedding suppliers – it’s to your advantage to keep them on your side.  For example, if your wedding gets delayed and you run over time.  I know one couple this happened to and their photographers agreed to stay overtime for free because they liked the couple so much!

Beware of scams

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous vendors out there desperate to get their hands on your cash. Well you can’t guarantee that these things won’t happen but you can do a few things to prevent it. Always do a background check on the vendor, look at their website, take references and read their terms and conditions. Make sure you have a secure contract that protects your interests too.  Most of all use your judgement and choose vendors you feel comfortable with.

Too many cooks!

Don’t get too many people involved in the decision-making.  Only immediate family is best. If you keep asking all your friends and co-workers for their opinions you will only end up confused and it will be harder to plan. Plus it’s nicer to surprise them on the day.

Finally, this isn’t just your wedding.  It’s the first day of your marriage so you want to have an auspicious start.

NOTE: Cuzner Events also service brides who want to get married in the UK from the US and are looking for someone on the ground here to do the planning/coordination!

Holly Wood



The one piece of advice I’d give future brides-to-be would be to make sure you stamp yourselves on the wedding. Small details are lovely, but are often forgotten after the big day; personal touches are what people really appreciate and talk about over time! At our wedding, we made bunting from photos that represented a timeline of our relationship. Next, we had them printed, hole-punched, and threaded with ribbon for added decoration. We hung these throughout our venue and people loved them; some wanted to take them home!  I’m also known for being a photo enthusiast, so we used shots from our engagement to decorate some of the rooms and included a photo-booth for added entertainment as well! Not only did everyone love it but it was yet another way we stamped ourselves on our wedding day and truly made it the most memorable of days.

Ultimately your wedding is about you and your significant other; so try incorporating things that adequately depict your personalities. If you like crafting for example, try hand-crafting table decorations or favors; not only will your loved ones appreciate these personal touches,but they’ll also feel like they’re really part of your lives. The best weddings I’ve seen and have been a part of, are the ones where you learn something about the couple and their relationship.


Toni Davey




Getting married should be the happiest time of your life but it can also be the most stressful!  To try and elevate the stress element get organised!

Keep a wedding file and store all your wedding information together in one place.  Have sections for each element of your wedding such as ceremony, venue, photographer, music, and so on; file all relevant information in the correct sections.  Next, type up status reports for your wedding, covering all aspects; update this regularly and keep it in the front of your file.

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your loved ones; they won’t mind a bit and in fact would be honored you’ve asked them for assistance. Always remember though this is you and your partner’s big day and you will drive yourself mad trying to please everyone. Be polite and thank them for their suggestions and ideas; but at the end of the day please yourself!




Create a scrapbook of everything you genuinely like. Split it into sections. A section on venues, dresses, flowers, cakes etc. Take ideas from the Internet, Pinterest and cut pictures out of bridal magazines. Once you know what you like it is much easier to make decisions as there are so many options available it can become overwhelming. Using a wedding planner will remove the stress and work with you to create this and then manage the budget control for you.

Nikki Leonard



Worry far less about what you have to do, and just let things take its course. While it may seem stressful now, its important to keep in mind that the only thing that will truly matter on your wedding day is that you’re beginning the rest of your life with your partner. Focus on the important things will allow you to better experience and commemorate the most important day of your life! Remember, your wedding day is an important ceremony and then it is a party.

Christine Auma



Whether you’re a bride on a budget or if money is less of an issue for your wedding, it’s important to identify what your budget is. While most people think that a wedding planner is an unnecessary expenditure, investing in one can often times SAVE you money.  While you might also have loved ones to work with or perhaps you have impeccable organizational skills, wedding planners can provide you with seasoned and professional assistance. They know the industry and the tips and shortcuts within it; they can also help cut your costs by negotiating with reliable vendors on your behalf. More importantly they can relieve much of the stress incurred on your big day by taking it on themselves!

Sharon Maher



Weddings are not about money, rather they are about exhibiting your personal style and good taste. Couples should stamp their own personalities on their wedding. Each element of the wedding from choosing stationery to the style of your wedding cake, should reflect this in an effort to create an unforgettable day.  If a couple can find a shared passion that can be adopted as the wedding’s primary theme, this can make the celebration that much more meaningful and unique.

Anthony Navarro



If there is one piece of advice I can give a future bride it would be before doing anything, after you are engaged and have enjoyed the engagement, have a sit down with your fiance and talk about what you want for your wedding.  Do you want a large or small wedding? How much money are you willing to spend?   Having open dialogue between the two of you is going to help you have a plan in place so that when you start the planning process, you will be able to be efficient and probably will be less time consuming!  Keeping open and honest communication throughout the process will make sure you are both on the same page and will make this a fun first journey into married life!

Susie Evans



First and foremost your wedding should always have a Plan B, no matter what the hiccup is. Many brides and grooms dream of an outdoor wedding, but they should always consider an indoor or sheltered alternative to avoid disappoint should the worst come to the worst.




Make a deal with every supplier, don’t be afraid to ask them if they offer discounts, or extras! Suppliers are more likely to cut a deal with you if you ask!!

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family for help with the details such as making or choosing the cake, hair styling, or decorating the venue. You’ll often find that they always want to help and that your wedding can be that much more unique when multiple perspectives are at play.

Caren Jeanty



Find a quiet place where you can think of all the details of your dream wedding before speaking with vendors. Often times couples feel they have picked the perfect venue or dress without smoothing out the details. It’s important to remember the little things during bigger decisions (like choosing your venue) so that you don’t hit too many roadblocks along the way. For example, I’ve known couples who have chosen venues without considering if they allow children or if they are wheelchair accessible.  These minor details can cause a big headache, so finding a quiet place and jotting EVERYTHING down can help avoid many unnecessary issues!

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