10 Best Wedding Planner Apps

There’s an app for everything nowadays and thank goodness! No longer do brides and their wedding planners need to carry around heavy binders and notebooks while trying to keep everything organized in the process; as if you brides don’t have enough to stress about already!

Wedding apps have helped brides cut back on a lot of time and money that they otherwise would have spent on keeping their wedding organized and running smoothly. BrideBox recommends these 10 wedding planner apps to ease your struggles during the months before your most special of days.

Lets just start with the most obvious; Pinterest is one of the largest social networking sites available and it took the bridal industry by storm. Brides now have millions of wedding related options and ideas, especially DIY, at their disposal in seconds. No longer do you need to spend your time and money on bridal magazines that still wouldn’t come close to giving you all that Pinterest does.


Wedding Budget!!
Every bride has a budget she’d like to stick to or at least not go to high above; but with all the last minute additions and those extra people that need to be accounted for its easy to overspend without realizing. Wedding Budget!! is an app that allows you organize your spending based on categories like bridal attire and bridesmaids; it lets you change your budget and alerts you when you’ve gone over! Make sure your jaw doesn’t drop when you check your bank accounts by getting this app!


The most important aspect to a wedding is the color scheme. Where you’ll be having your wedding and what you’ll be wearing is directly influenced by the color scheme and consistency throughout your wedding venue and your bridal party. Its important to keep all color schemes in mind when purchasing something as small as candles. This is seems way too stressful and time consuming; it is! Use apps like myPANTONE to keep track of all color schemes and get tips on complementing colors.



One of the most stressful things on every bride’s to do list is her seating chart.  Trying to match people based on how well they’ll get along (or how well they don’t get along) is frustrating; not to mention down right time consuming based on how many times it needs to be updated.  Paper charts and excel spreadsheets start to look more like a war zone and often times bride feel more unorganized with their seating chart than they did when first starting out.  The Seating Planner app is an amazing way to constantly  have your seating chart at your disposal.  Download this app onto your smartphone and toss that binder into recycling; with the Seating Planner app you can easily make changes and keep track of your guests at all times!




Often time women resort to bridal magazines in search for their dream wedding dress. Its hard to visit bridal exhibits and sometimes magazines just don’t have enough variety to meet your fabulous needs.  Apps like iBridalGown are perfect when searching for your wedding gown; iBridalGown provides brides with the hottest fashion trends throughout the bridal world in seconds! Why spend hundreds of dollars on bridal magazines or countless hours on bridal couture websites, when one amazing smartphone app can do it for you?




Most people are apprehensive about the idea of a wedding registry; it can be hard to choose from just one department store. Often times one department store is out of someone’s reach or they just might not have everything you’re looking for.  With iList you have the ability to register under several different department stores and bridal boutiques! With iList all of your guests can see which items on your wedding registry have already been purchased; this avoids the hassle of returning any duplicate items!


iWedding Deluxe

Whether you have a wedding planner or are riding through the experience solo, every bride to be needs a wedding planner app.  Even your wedding planner can make mistakes sometimes; this app helps you and her avoid them! iWedding Deluxe allows you to create multiple to do lists and place them into subgroups, provides you with inspiring ideas, and even allows you to keep your budgeting in mind.



Wedding Snap

Your wedding day will be one of the most hectic days of your life; what stresses you out in that very moment will make you break out in laughter years later.  Most photographers are paid to make your wedding look like a dream fairy tale; as they should! Its your friends and family’s responsibility to capture all the hilarious (less than fairy tale like) moments; have your guests take pictures using their smart phones of all their best memories from your wedding day! Once you sign up you’ll receive 200 free cards that you can include along with invitations for guests on how to use it! Use Wedding Snap to have all your friends’ photos from that day uploaded into one gallery instantly at your disposal.



Nowadays people are switching from bands to DJs; its cost efficient and you get access to several different genres of music! Music is one of the most important aspects to any wedding. People love to dance and the better the music the more they’ll dance! Use Spotify to create a playlist for your reception or any other wedding related party you might have; leave this list public so that everyone has access to share and edit it as well! Once you’ve created your perfect playlist, send it over to the DJ so that he makes sure every song you want to dance to is played!




Once the festivities are over, collect all your friends photos and that of your photographer’s and download BrideBox’s DIY wedding album software. BrideBox wants to provide you with a quality wedding album for the price of a photo book! BrideBox allows you to arrange and format your album however you please with our free software and then edits them for you to ensure you get the quality album you deserve!



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