Wedding Makeup Tips for the Bridal Party and Guests Alike

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The big day is right around the corner and you’re starting to think more about your (and maybe your bridesmaids) makeup for your wedding and even your rehearsal dinner. Some brides and wedding parties opt for a makeup artist, while others focus on planning a true DIY wedding. Before you jump into either situation, a test run is always recommended. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, these wedding makeup tips will keep you prepared and leave you flawless!

Bridal Makeup

Are you looking for something more natural or hoping to make more of a statement with your makeup? Either way, here are our tips so you don’t skip a beat worrying about your makeup!:

  • Waterproof or bust! We’re serious, this is an emotional day so make sure that you are prepared with waterproof makeup (and some kleenexes on hand).
  • Skincare is a must! On the months leading up make sure you take extra good care of your skin. Origins High-Potency Night-a-Mins Skin Refining Oil is our favorite for smoother, more hydrated, brighter skin, perfect for any bride. For those last minute breakouts Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment will save your skin and calm your anxiety literally overnight.
  • Play dress up before! This may sound counterintuitive, but whether you’re going natural or bold you need to pack it on a little (start small and then add more from there). Of course make sure to blend and highlight, but the camera and lights are known to blow you out. A fun idea could be to invite your bridesmaids over to have a makeup party and then take a bunch of pictures and see how it turns out. Then, rather than realizing in hindsight what you wanted or needed, you are completely prepared, not to mention you had fun doing it!

Bridal Makeup

Photo Credit: Jess Barfield

Makeup Looks for Bridesmaids

Without taking any of the spotlight away from your bride, bridesmaids are still a big part of the wedding. You will be featured in the wedding album, pictures, videos, and memories. With that being said here are a few tips for you:

  • Flawless skin is key. Let’s be honest, this is going to be a long day full of emotions, pictures, and most likely sweat. Be sure to use primer, foundation and concealer so nothing is going anywhere. The most important equation for this is the primer: it keeps everything together. Marc Jacobs Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer keeps everything in place AND doubles as skincare. Obsessed!
  • Keep it simple and natural. Unless the bride says otherwise, you want to make sure you keep your makeup to a minimum. A light eye, lip, nail polish and blush will do the trick. Burberry Lip and Cheek Bloom in Rose will take care of two out of the three of those. Not to mention, it minimizes what you need to carry around for touch ups!

Makeup Looks for Bridesmaids

Photo Credit: Sposto Photography

Wedding Guest Makeup Ideas

  • Less is more! Much like bridesmaids, the last thing you want to do is to overdo your makeup and take away from the bride. While the red lip may go perfectly with your dress, bypass it and go with something more neutral, like YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Pop Water 208 Wet Nude. This lip gloss is the perfect light pink, neutral color that is shiny, not sticky and lasts all day long! If you’re dying for something a little more bold to match your dress, opt for a bold nail polish, like Giorgio Armani Nail Lacquer 503, that can still be a fashion statement without being distracting!

Wedding Guest Makeup Ideas

Photo Credit: Amy and Stuart Photography

A Makeup Box That Saves The Day

After hours of searching Pinterest you’ve finally found the look you’re going for and the products that it’ll require. Then, you realize that all of these products cost a pretty penny and you don’t even know your exact color, how your skin will react, etc. The last thing you have time for is to head to the mall and get overwhelmed by the choices let alone the advice of all of the makeup counter sales associates! Ok, take a deep breath, our friends at So Choix have you covered. So Choix offers hundreds of quality options that are delivered right to your house. You choose your favorites or pick from some of their different pre-selected options (Prep & Prime, Makeup, and Final Touch) and they give you enough product to try it out for a couple of days to see if it’s the perfect fit for you. You try it out in the comfort of your home and can master that Pinterest look you’ve been dying to conquer. Additionally, you can keep the samples to have on hand for your big day for any touch ups needed. Convenience, quality, choice, and beauty without the hassle. What more could a girl ask for?

Wedding Makeup Box

Photo Credit: So Choix

As the countdown begins, So Choix will have your back in any wedding makeup situation. Now instead of focusing on if your makeup will sweat off or if it’s the perfect shade of foundation for the camera, you will be completely prepared for any makeup mishap and focused on the “I do’s” instead. You will look absolutely flawless for the big day!

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