These Wedding GIFs Are Transforming The Wedding Photography World

animated wedding gif

Wedding photographer Jeffrey Lewis Bennett of JLB Wedding has revolutionized the wedding photography industry by taking regular images and turning them into beautiful and captivating animated GIFs. These images are truly transforming the wedding photography world by creating a new standard for wedding photos that we’re sure every couple would be delighted to receive. Check out the amazing results of his creative new way to shoot weddings.

1. This great shot provides a peek into what the wedding day really felt like with the bride and groom’s closest friends and family.

wedding party animated image


2. A bridesmaid and groomsman get cheeky in this fantastic GIF that will make the couple laugh for years to come.

cheeky animated wedding gif


3. Bring out your inner child in a fun animated image like this one, seesawing on the playground.

seesaw fun wedding gif


4. This image really emphasizes the couple’s unstoppable love.

stop motion wedding image


5. The subtle animation in this GIF is a beautiful touch to an already beautiful image.

wedding animated gif


6. We love how something as simple as animating the balloons creates such a dramatic effect on the overall photo.

animated wedding image


7. The bride and groom running in front of this wall is a fresh and modern look.

running animated wedding photo


8. An animated GIF is the perfect way to capture the first dance. 

first dance animated gif


9. A beautifully captured veil blowing in the wind.

animated wedding gif


10. Animation is the best way to show this happy couple blowing bubbles at their wedding.

blowing bubbles wedding photo

11. Sparklers are so trendy right now, and this animated GIF showcases these fun additions to your wedding.

sparklers animated wedding photo


12. This animation really captures the fun that everyone was having dancing at the reception.

wedding reception dance animated gif

13. The groom gently kissing his bride on the forehead makes this image so touching and sweet.

forehead kiss animated wedding photo


14. Silhouettes against the sky are a pretty and simple animation that is captivating.

silhouettes wedding animated gif


15. The bride and groom share a kiss in this lovely animated GIF.

bride groom animated kiss

To see more of these amazing images head over to Jeffrey’s Tumblr.

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