Brides Share Their Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

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As brides to be, we all think that our wedding do will go perfectly, according to the plan that we’ve thought through in our minds too many times to count. However, as perfect as we prepare our wedding day to be, there are some things, big and small, that we wish we would have done differently. To help you avoid these wedding day regrets, brides share with you what they wish they could change from their big day.

Not hiring a videographer

Although it may seem tricky to incorporate a videographer into your budget, not doing so is a regret that many brides face. Like your wedding day photographs, video documentation of your big day will be something that you will treasure many years down the road. Not having those precious moments recorded just so you could order food from your favorite high-scale restaurant is something that you will surely wish you did differently. Just like finding the perfect wedding photographer is very important, so is choosing a wedding videographer who will capture these irreplaceable moments in real time. Rewatching your wedding film is a great way to celebrate your anniversary and is a family heirloom you will cherish forever.


Photo Credit: BG Productions Photography & Videography

Skimping on snacks

Serving snacks along with your cocktail hour may seem unnecessary or unfriendly to your budget, but it’s something that your guests will appreciate and really enjoy. The last thing you want is your guests throwing back drinks without something to absorb all that alcohol, so stock up on snacks. Remember, hungry guests are not happy guests, so even if it’s a simple cheese, crackers, and meat assortment, it will keep your guests content and busy while they wait for your reception to begin.


Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

Choosing the wrong songs

Whether it’s for your first dance as a married couple, or your father daughter dance, make sure you choose songs that have a special place in your and your dance partner’s hearts. Don’t worry about choosing a crowd-pleasing hit or the best love song of the year. Your wedding evening dances are about you, and the special moments you’re sharing on the dancefloor with your loved one. Choose the song that’s perfect for you, and not what is expected of you, because no one will remember exactly how those moments went except for you and your partner.


Photo Credit: Jen Huang Photography

The open bar dilemma

Although you may want to throw an epic party for your guests to enjoy, remember to stay realistic with your budget and your idea of how you want the night to go. An open bar might get the party started, but choice wine, craft beers, and a few signature wedding cocktails are just enough to have a classy, enjoyable event.


Photo Credit: Julie Paisley Photography

Stress of the dress

If a strict wedding budget is not something you are familiar with, that’s wonderful (and we all envy you), but if having a budget-friendly wedding is something that is important to you, you may want to consider buying a once-worn designer wedding dress. If this doesn’t seem like a crazy idea to you, then you can look into buying the exact designer gown you want, at a discounted price through a consignment site. You can cut your wedding dress cost in half and no one will know it was pre-owned but you.


Photo Credit: Katie Stoops Photography

Staying mainstream

When you see Instagrams of gorgeous embellished wedding gowns, or Pinterest boards of beach weddings adorned with thousands of white orchids, it’s hard to not want all that for your special day. However, make sure you stay true to your own individual style without being overly influenced by the latest fads in wedding planning. Something that many brides regret is not personalizing their wedding day enough. Instead of squeezing every mason jar and wedding trend into your decor, create something that your guests will recognize as special to the relationship between you and your partner. Although it may take more time and effort to get creative, it will surely shine through and make your wedding day something spectacular and unique to you.


Photo Credit: Lauren Fair Photography

Not feeling confident in your wedding vendors

If, at some point during your wedding planning process, you aren’t getting along well with your vendors and realize they’re not a match for you, find someone new ASAP. Make sure you do your research thoroughly to pick a vendor that fits what you’re looking for in terms of your wedding day criteria. You will avoid many stressful hours and headaches by making sure your vendors meet your expectations. Remember, it’s okay to have high expectations, (it is your wedding day, after all!) so only book vendors you absolutely love and who you know will help make your dream wedding day come true.


Photo Credit: Portugal Wedding Planners

Succumbing to stress

As unfortunate as it may be to admit, something will go wrong on your wedding day. However, what really matters is how you react to these blunders. Instead of allowing yourself to be absorbed in the stress of the situation, focus on finding a solution and staying calm. Avoid having a meltdown in the bathroom (we can picture it all too well) and set up a stress-reducing system to help you cope with any unexpected turn of events. Think of a phrase or create an image in your mind that will help you relax and calm down, so you can skip the alternative where your maid of honor tries to lure your off the bathroom floor for twenty minutes. If you have a calming phrase prepared beforehand, it will really help you get through the stress of your wedding day.


Photo Credit: Sophie Kawalek Photography

We may not want to think about any wedding regrets before they actually exist, but by hearing the regrets of brides who have been through it all before, it’s helpful to understand how we can prevent them ourselves. No matter what, every wedding day is a dream come true for a bride, regardless of minor slip-ups that happen along the way. We hope that brides sharing their own wedding day regrets can help you eliminate any from your big day!

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