Wedding Candy 101

wedding candy buffet

Buffets are one of the best ways to feed your guests at your wedding reception, and dessert buffets are becoming more and more popular. One of the hottest trends in wedding food today is a candy buffet. What better way to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and inner child than with an assortment of your favorite candies? Here are some fantastic ideas to help you incorporate a candy buffet in your wedding.

Type of candy

To get started with a candy bar, you’ll have to decide what kinds of candy to include. There are so many options and we know it’ll be tough to narrow it down. Start with your favorite candies. Will you choose hard or chewy candies? Sweet or sour? Chocolate or fruity? If you choose fruity candy, will you choose just a couple flavors or have all of the flavors? It is also important to consider guests’ dietary restrictions – if there are people allergic to specific ingredients or need to be gluten-free, for example, you’ll want to make sure that the types of candies you get fall into these categories. Answering these questions will help you select a few types of candies to include in your buffet.

pink candy buffet wedding

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Candy display

As with everything else in your wedding, you’ll want your candy buffet to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing. How will you arrange your candy – in jars, bowls or trays? Will they be separated by color and type, or mixed together? Will the flavors you chose fit the overall color scheme of the wedding? Are you going to have the candy on one buffet table for guests to serve themselves, or will there be containers on each dinner table? Once you’ve decided where and how to arrange your candy, you can brighten up the displays with decorations such as stickers, ribbons and signage.

candy bar mason jars wedding

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As much fun as taste-testing candies to include in your candy buffet is, you’ll also have to handle some more serious logistics. For example, figuring out how much candy to buy can be tricky. You’ll have to account for the guests that won’t eat any candy and for those that will eat a little extra. A good estimate of how much candy to purchase is about 6 ounces of candy per guest, or about 3 full-size candy bars. So, if you are inviting 100 guests, you will need 600 ounces, or 37.5 pounds of candy. You’ll also want for guests to have the option to take candy home with them in a goody bag, so prepare for this by having cute themed bags ready for them to fill up at the end of the reception.

wedding candy buffet

Photo Credit: Marigold Events

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