Planning and Organizing your Wedding with Bridebox’s Bridal Check List

Plan Ogranize Wedding Bride Check List

Congratulations, you’re engaged!…Now what? One of the first things you’ll probably look for are starting points and ideas to plan your wedding. Time is limited, it’s unfamiliar territory, and there are so many good ideas and vendors to choose from it can all seem very overwhelming.

Not to worry. Here is your basic list to handle everything you’ll need for your wedding.

Plan Ogranize Wedding Bride Check List

The length of an engagement averages about 1 year, but there is no one-size-fits-all schedule. All wedding tasks (those on this list and any specific to your special event) can be prioritized, broken down into sub actions and assigned follow-up dates. We’ve created this list in stages, ranging from broad and highest priority to more specific and detailed tasks, so you can tailor to fit your individual needs. (Consider using an interactive task manager to help you track and schedule deadline updates. Our favorite can be found on Wedding Wire.)

 (here is a snippet of the full bridal check list)

For better or worse, here’s what you’ve got to do before your wedding day:


  • Tell your loved ones!
  • Post to Facebook – unless you want to keep as a secret.
  • Celebrate.


Stage 1 – Research

  • Define a time frame for the wedding date.
  • Create a draft guest list (creating priority groups is helpful) you want an idea of this number before looking at venues and diving into budgets
  • Decide your budget range (suggested read: How much does the average wedding cost?)
  • Do lots and lots of research:


Click Here for The Full Bridebox Bridal Check List

Download, Share with friends and family and start planning your wedding today!


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