VideoTov: Pro Editing Services for the Video Enthusianst

Videos and video blog posts have quite recently become the new form of social networking. From instagrams new video feature to applications like vine video, people are finding more and more ways to express themselves and their  best moments through video.  While photography is a great way to revisit important life events, videography has much more value than photos.  Video captures raw emotions exhibited during a given event and can forever serve as a memoir for all your hilarious and wonderful moments in life.

BrideBox suggests a DIY videography site for all those moments that you must have in your video collections, but that won’t cost 1,000 dollars to make!  Every bride has their tasteful wedding video that depicts the fairy tale moments that occurred during their special day.  But, why should you miss out on all the bloopers, meltdowns, and hilarious moments that seemed so perilous at the time? Gather up all that footage and make a wedding bloopers video!

BrideBox recommends VideoTov for your DIY professional video editing site.  With VideoTov, you can take recordings from your phone or anyone else’s, (even if its just bits and pieces,) submit it to their editors, and have it returned to you as a beautiful, professional like, video!  Whether its meltdowns and preparations for your wedding, to the moment your husband proposed to you, to videos from your honeymoon; just upload the video, edit and submit your changes and pay for the video YOU want!!


The Agmon’s Wedding from VideoTov on Vimeo.

VideoTov works collaboratively with you every step of the way to make sure that your edits are how you like it and that the video isn’t submitted until its exactly the way you want at a fraction of the cost!

For more information, visit their website at:

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