Top 4 Vegan Wedding Caterers In The US

vegan friendly wedding cakes

Baking a vegan wedding cake that tastes as good as it looks is a steep challenge. Baking any cake without flour, eggs or milk is like building a skyscraper without cement. But the numbers of people adopting a vegan lifestyle has grown significantly, and bakeries have found great ways to meet the demands of their brides lifestyles along with their passions for catering perfectly to their wedding. BrideBox Wedding Albums recommends four bakeries to best meet vegan and organic needs with their scrumptious and beautiful cakes.

The number of health and environmentally conscious supporters throughout the U.S  is growing exponentially, and brides are no exception.  Most brides want to provide the best food and desserts for their guests and cater to their organic and vegan-friendly needs as well as their own!

vegan wedding catering

BrideBox recommends Babycakes, a vegan and refined sugar-free bakery in New York, baking kosher, vegan, and health conscious cakes. Their products are all-vegan friendly; and free of dairy, soy, wheat, egg and gluten products.  Instead, agave nectar is used for sweetening, a healthier alternative than refined sugar to naturally sweeten desserts everyone can eat.

Even the most health conscious of brides knows that their wedding day is definitely considered a “cheat day.” However, most brides also want to promote their healthy lifestyle and show others how easy it can be and how many healthy, yet delicious options there are out there.  BrideBox understands the diet conscious bride’s health and has the perfect sweet, healthy, and vegan friendly option to meet your demands!

vegan wedding catering

BrideBox has found Eco Caters to be one of the best organic and vegan friendly wedding caterers yet. Eco Caters seeks to provide the highest quality of catering services and food, and simultaneously create the least impact on the environment! They only buy from local farmers that raise their produce and animals in an environmentally sustainable and humane way.  Their desserts are beautifully crafted and equally delicious; they also provide catering services for your wedding reception! With Eco Caters, you can minimize harmful impact on the environment, get your food and dessert needs met simultaneously, while providing a deliciously vegan spread for your guests!

vegan wedding cake

We recommend Feel Good Desserts for the diet conscious soul; this company refrains from using refined sugars, gluten, and soy in their products and replaces them with wholesome superfoods! This vegan company uses raw, from the earth materials like nuts and cocoa powder alongside organic fresh fruits to create delightfully healthy treats!  They package all of their desserts  in environmentally friendly and recycled materials, to lessen our impact on the Earth; their goal is to inform the world of a healthier lifestyle to better the lives of our future generations! BrideBox recommends Feel Good Desserts for those of you wish to avoid processed sugars; order their macarons and put your bridesmaids to work on an incredible macaron tower instead!

While it fits the vegan criteria, refined processed sugar is not a health food. Sugar is a main component of wedding cakes, and it’s a tough ingredient to replace. Bakeries are obviously known for using a great deal of sugars in their desserts which isn’t very conducive the health-conscious or vegan bride’s needs.

vegan desserts

When ordering your desserts (especially your wedding cake,) its important to keep in mind that many of your guests might have food allergies that you might not be aware of.  Most brides want something that ALL of their guests can enjoy and so they seek out bakeries that are free of dairy, gluten products, and especially nuts.

BrideBox recommends Hippie Chick Bakery for your specific wedding dessert needs! Their goal is to provide a uniquely delicious service for those with dietary restrictions that prevent them from enjoying the average dessert. Hippie Chick Bakery has a plethora of vegan friendly cake, filling, icing flavors for your “hippie-chic” wedding and take every precaution to ensure that there is no cross contamination of elements in their bakery.

vegan friendly wedding cakes

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