TV Shows For Wedding Cake Lovers

Weddings are romantic and exciting so it’s no surprise that television and movies frequently delve into the sentiment of it all. In fact, today, you don’t only find it in plot lines of romantic comedies and sitcoms anymore– there are tv shows that focus on wedding prep from choosing your wedding dress to the actual day of the celebration. Since cake is one of the best parts of any party, we’ve compiled a list of television series that are all about making the wedding cake.

Food Network’s ‘Amazing Wedding Cakes’

Amazing Wedding Cakes is about exactly what you would assume from the title. The talented staff, made up of several teams, take on all kinds of incredible cake design challenges that they work through to completion.

Amazing Cake TV Shows

Photo Credit: Food Network

TLC’s ‘Cake Boss’

Cake Boss is a reality tv show that follows the work of Carlo’s Bake Shop, a popular family-owned bakery that specializes in edible art cakes, wedding cakes and specialty cakes, including Britney Spears’ 27th circus-themed birthday cake.

Incredible Wedding Cake TV Shows

Photo Credit: TLC

Food Network’s ‘Have Cake, Will Travel’

Have Cake, Will Travel is a documentary reality series that follows well-known baker Ashley Vicos as she travels across the country making her infamous incredible cakes. Each episode follows her to another city as she creates a new beautiful cake. Although her work is not exclusively for weddings, she custom-makes her cakes to fit any occasion.

Wedding Cake TV Series

Photo Credit: Food Network

Food Network’s ‘Last Cake Standing’

Last Cake Standing is a competition reality tv series in which 8 talented cake makers compete against one another for the title of “Best Cake Artist in America”. The show includes crazy twists that lead to incredible cakes and of course, elimination of competitors.

Reality tv baking shows wedding cakes

Photo Credit: Food Network

Food Network’s ‘Ace of Cakes’

Following the work and daily life in the cake shop, Charm City Cakes, Ace of Cakes shows everything from the business operations, flavor tastings, making the cake and delivering it to his customers.

Best Cake TV Series

Photo Credit: Food Network

Food Network’s Specials

Although this isn’t a show dedicated exclusively to wedding cakes, Food Network’s Specials episodes are worth mentioning because of their unique and fascinating episodes, such as “Outrageous Wedding Cakes” through which you’ll see some of the most incredible cakes you’ve ever imagined.

TV Shows About Wedding Cakes

Photo Credit: Food Network

Whether you’re preparing to choose your own wedding cake or you just love a good bake off, there are plenty of entertaining and fun shows that allow you to enjoy the excitement of cake baking, competing and the beautiful final products.

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