Tips on Taking Care of Your Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry Tips

The right jewelry will enhance an outfit by adding style and flair. By contrast, the wrong pieces can detract from the overall look. This is particularly true with wedding jewelry. Selecting coordinating pieces of jewelry for the bridal party will make a great impression on wedding day, and caring for it properly will keep it beautiful and in good repair for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, but it is also a significant financial investment. As such, it requires some attention to keep it sparkling and in good condition. Inexpensive jewelry cleaner is widely available and effective, but a jeweler can not only professionally clean the ring, but also test the setting to ensure that the stone is secure.
Wedding Jewelry Tips

Avoid exposing any jewelry to harsh chemicals, such as cleaning products and the chlorinated water in swimming pools. Those chemicals can damage the stone and metal, which can make the ring cloudy and weaken the setting. If the setting is loose, the stone is not secure. When grooming, remove rings to avoid exposing them to soap, lotions and other products. These products make the stones appear dull and dirty.

Insuring the engagement ring is an affordable way to obtain security in the event the ring is ever lost, stolen or damaged. Many policies will cover various types of losses, which is determined by the coverage purchased.

Wedding Day Jewelry

The jewelry a bride wears with her wedding dress can be subtle, elegant, or bold. It all depends on the bride’s personality and the style of the gown. The pieces should compliment the look the bride it trying to achieve, so consider the gown, shoes, hair and makeup when selecting the jewelry. The jewelry should not be the focal point of the outfit; rather, it should enhance the overall look.

Pearls are very popular with brides because they are classy, elegant and beautiful. Whether the bride chooses a simple pair of pearl earrings, a necklace or bracelet, or all three, pearls will compliment just about any style of wedding gown, even if the pieces are costume jewelry.

Diamonds are another good choice. From simple diamond stud earrings and a diamond pendant to a crystal tiara, diamonds will dress up any gown and make the bride look radiant.

Brides can try different pieces before the wedding to see what goes well with her dress. A good time to do that is during the fittings, which will give her plenty of time to determine the pieces that will compliment the wedding gown.

Bridesmaids’ Jewelry

Giving the bridesmaids specific instructions regarding their jewelry selections will help the bride realize her vision. It would be awkward to have a bridesmaid look out of place wearing multiple necklaces, bracelets, rings, or large earrings that detract from the look the bride is trying to achieve. A great way to make sure the bridesmaids are wearing coordinating pieces is for the bride to buy them and provide the jewelry as a bridal party gift.

Wedding Jewelry Tips

If the bride chooses not to provide the jewelry, she can request that all the bridesmaids wear certain items, such as faux pearl earrings and a single strand of pearls. These items are inexpensive, widely available and easy to care for.

After the wedding, jewelry can be stored in a jewelry box or in a satin or velvet sack and cleaned after each use with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaner. Perfume, makeup and perspiration can accumulate on the jewelry pieces making them appear dingy, but it’s easy to wipe away with a cleaning cloth or jewelry cleaner. When dealing with pearls, which can be more delicate, carefully place them in their storage location to avoid stretching or breaking the silk thread that holds them in place.

Choosing jewelry to compliment the wedding ensemble is a wonderful way to make the bridal party look cohesive and classy. Furthermore, since these pieces will have special meaning, they should be cared for so that the bride can enjoy her diamond and special wedding day jewelry for many years to come.

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