7 Things To Do Immediately After Your Wedding Reception

wedding vendor thank you

Your wedding day is a flurry of excitement, joy and laughter. You and your closest friends and family danced the night away while eating and drinking to your hearts’ content. Before you and your new spouse head off to the after-party, your hotel room or the honeymoon, there are a few important tasks on your to-do list that you should take care of first. Even though you’ll likely be exhausted from all the excitement, you’ll be thankful that you took care of these 7 simple tasks immediately after your wedding so that you can go on to enjoy the beginning of married life.

Thank your vendors

Your wedding vendors worked hard to make your dream wedding come true, and although you’ve likely already settled the contracts and specifics of your agreements and sorted out tips and gratuities, it’s always a nice gesture to personally thank each of your vendors – especially if they did an outstanding job. Everyone likes to hear that they did a good job and that they are appreciated, and something as simple as saying thank you can go a long way.

wedding vendor thank you

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Check for damages

Even if you didn’t provide an open bar, sometimes weddings can get pretty rowdy. In the midst of all this good fun, there’s a chance that something in the venue or something that you rented was damaged. Check the venue facility and all rental items to see if anything was broken, stained or ruined. If there is anything that looks questionable, bring it up to the appropriate staff members so that you are all on the same page about these damages so that you aren’t hit with a surprise bill later on. If this turns out to be too big of a task to do immediately following your reception, stop by the next day to investigate.

after wedding to do list

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Create a lost and found

While you are surveying the venue after the reception for damages, you might come across a few left-behind items. Because of people enjoying themselves and the festivities, this happens more often than you might think. Collect all of these items in a lost and found box so that you can return them to their rightful owners. If your wedding was near your hometown where a lot of your guests are, feel free to take them home with you so that your guests can come claim them later. Or, you can ask the venue to keep all these items in a safe place until their owners can come pick them up. Again, if you are too exhausted from the festivities of your wedding night, we suggest stopping by the venue the next day to take care of this important task.

post-wedding tasks

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Pack up the gifts

Wedding gifts and cards should be collected and delivered to your hotel or home by your family member or attendant of choice. Many couples choose to ask either the maid of honor or best man to be in charge of packing up the gifts. However, you may want to collect all the envelopes with cards to take with you on your honeymoon. You can get a head start on that spreadsheet to organize your thank you cards, and you might even find checks or cash within the envelopes for you to spend on your honeymoon!

after wedding reception tasks

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Preserve the top of your wedding cake

Freezing the top tier of your wedding cake and eating it on your first wedding anniversary is a common wedding tradition that many couples choose to follow. If you want to do so with your cake, assign someone responsible to wrap up your cake properly and put it in the freezer for you. Remember to remove any decorations that would make it tough to wrap well and to use plenty of plastic wrap and foil so your cake will taste fresh and delicious on your anniversary.

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Distribute the leftovers

Finger foods, alcohol, dinner items, centerpieces, décor – there are bound to be a ton of leftover items after the reception comes to an end. Depending on what you want to do with your centerpieces and décor, you can either pack them up to take home (or delegate someone to do so) or let your guests know that they’re up for grabs. If there are plenty of leftover snacks and food, ask your caterer to pack them up for you in a to-go box so that you can either bring them with you to your after-party or keep them for a late night snack. After all, you spent all this money on everything, so you may as well enjoy it as long as possible!

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Bring home the guest book

Whether you chose to use a traditional wedding guest book or a unique alternative, it’s important that you collect the guest book to take come. This task can easily be delegated to someone responsible, such as your maid of honor, best man or parents. Once you get back from your honeymoon you and your spouse can read all of the signatures and messages together as a married couple.

post-wedding checklist

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When your wedding reception starts winding down, it’s understandable to feel exhausted and ready to go home. However, it is super important to take care of these 7 tasks before you head off to your after-party or honeymoon. Feel free to ask your maid of honor, best man or parents for help with these items so that they can all be taken care of quickly and responsibly. As soon as you cross these 7 items off your to-do list, you can really start enjoying how amazing married life can be.

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