How to Pick the Perfect Signature Wedding Cocktail


One of the most important things to stay true to throughout all of your wedding planning details is your own style and personality. Adding your own twist to your wedding through the personalization of decorations, music selection, color themes, and basically anything else allows your wedding guests to get a true sense of who you are and the relationship you have with your partner. So why not create your own signature wedding cocktail? We’ve gathered some tips that will help you choose the perfect concoction of booze for your big day.

Put a twist on a classic drink

If you have one cocktail that is your go-to drink of choice, serve that as your signature drink with a personalized twist. You can choose a classic, well-known drink and spice it up with one or two new ingredients to make it unique to your wedding day. Feel free to get creative here. If watermelon is your favorite fruit and a mojito your favorite drink, why not combine the two to create a wedding cocktail that’s totally you! Feel free to bend the rules and go outside of all the well-known traditions to make your drink selection unique.


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Serve His & Hers

If you and your partner both have a best-loved beverage, throw two cocktails on the menu for double the fun. This allows both you and your fiancé to get into the fun of personalizing your own drink and also gives your guests more options. Again, adding your own personal touch to your wedding is super important, so take the opportunity to share with your guests what makes you and your partner unique.

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‘Tis the season

When considering your cocktail of choice, think about the time of year during which your wedding will be. It’s important to choose a cocktail that reflects the season and fits with your overall wedding theme. For example, if you’re having a summer wedding, it doesn’t really make sense to serve a spiked warm wintery cocktail with hot chocolate and kahlua, but maybe a cool lime-grapefruit margarita instead. (A cheat here is to think of what drinks Starbucks offers during certain times of the year, and take inspiration from those.)


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Set up a DIY bar

A fun idea that’s been one of the biggest wedding trends of 2016 is designing a self-service DIY bar where guests can create their own concoction to their liking. Provide a base for mixing, such as champagne, and assorted fruit toppings and flavors, and allow guests to be their own bartender. This design for wedding cocktails adds a fun, interactive twist that is something your guests will surely to enjoy.


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Incorporate your wedding colors

A fun way to jazz up your wedding cocktail is to use your wedding colors in its presentation. For a pop of color you can use cranberry juice, pineapple juice, or limeade to coordinate with your colors. If your wedding colors aren’t as naturally ready, (like purples, grey, or teal) you can add a garnish of herbs or flowers, like lavender, to make it cohesive with your theme.


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Personalize it with a clever title

Even if you decide to go with a wedding cocktail that is on the more traditional side, adding a fun name to the drink makes it especially our own. You can incorporate your new last name, an inside joke you and your fiancé share, or even just a wedding pun to throw in a bit of creativity.

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Tell a story

Whether it involves the place you two met or ties in the location of your wedding venue, bringing in a personal touch to the wedding cocktail will add that special twist. There’s no such thing as having too much personalization at your wedding, so get creative and don’t hold back. Don’t make the big wedding planning mistake of letting your drink menu fall short of creativity!


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When planning your wedding, a main concern is that guests have fun and that everyone remembers how special your big day was. By adding a personalized wedding cocktail to the drink menu for the night, you will be able to add that special twist and make your wedding night something that is unique to you and your partner, and truly unforgettable.


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